Which Cake Supplies are Vegan Friendly?

Happy world vegan day!

Today is the 1st of November and this marks the International Vegan Day!

What’s a better way to celebrate this day than celebrating with a vegan cake? First you are going to need some supplies!

You might have noticed that we’ve already done a few blogs about vegan cake baking before.

We currently have 3 Vegans working here at Party Animal Online! We take peoples dietary needs very seriously because we know ourselves how hard it can be to find products that are suitable and getting hold of the right supplies for the job at hand.

If you suffer from an intolerance this is especially difficult.


Vegan Friendly Cake Supplies

Here’s a list of our most popular suppliers and the product ranges that are suitable for a Vegan diet.


Beau Flavours - Vegan Cake Supplies

Beau Flavourings

Great News, ALL of the Beau’s flavourings that we stock are suitable for vegans!

Beau Products produce a fantastic range of high quality food flavouring.

These gorgeous flavours are highly concentrated food flavours that can be added to buttercream, sugarpaste, modelling paste, fondant chocolate centres, home made ice cream and even cake mix.

100% edible and bake stable, these flavours can be used with confidence and totally Vegan Friendly!


Renshaw Sugarpaste Vegan Cake Supplies

Renshaw Sugarpaste

  • Ready to roll sugar pastes: All suitable, EXCEPT White chocolate flavour. None of the confectionery flavours are suitable for vegans.
  • Flower and Modelling paste: All Suitable
  • Covering pastes: All of the premium and normal covering pastes are suitable.
  • Modelling paste: All Suitable
  • Petal paste: All Suitable

Renshaw is a leading UK manufacturer established for over 100 years with impeccable credentials including a royal warrant.

At Party Animal Online we stock the range of their ready to roll sugarpaste icing in white and many beautiful colours.

Available in a range of pack sizes to suit cake decoration and sugarcraft projects from cupcakes to celebration cakes.

They are all of the highest quality with great taste and consistent work-ability.


Rainbow Dust Vegan Cake Supplies

Rainbow Dust Colours

  • Colour Flo: All Suitable
  • Pro-gel: All Suitable
  • Powder range(Plain and simple): All Suitable
  • “Paint it” paint range: All Suitable
  • Edible Glitter: All Suitable
  • Silk Range: All Suitable
  • Edible food art pens: All Suitable. Please note the Metallic pen range is NOT suitable!

Rainbow Dust Colours are a UK based manufacturer and supplier specialising in high quality colourful decorations for sugarcraft and baking.

The best news is that they are SALSA approved, demonstrating the high standards they meet in the production of safe and legal food items.

We stock all their products on our website.

Sugarflair Colours Vegan Cake Supplies

Sugarflair Food Colours

  • Spectral paste range: All suitable
  • Pastel paste range: All suitable
  • Tartranil paste range: All suitable
  • Extra range: All suitable
  • Blossom range: All suitable
  • Lustre range: All suitable, EXCEPT Fairy dust pink and purple sparkle(carmines)
  • Edible pens: All suitable
  • Droplet colour range: All suitable
  • Airbrush colour range: All suitable

With over 30 years experience Sugarflair, a UK company, lead the way with quality food colouring products and are known and loved by cake decorators around the world.

Sugarflair have food colours, flavours and icing additives to create the perfect sugarcraft collection for your stash!


How will you be celebrating the International Vegan Day?

Maybe try out one of the vegan cakes that you can find here:

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Please note that we only include the products that we sell in this list. Products you buy elsewhere may not be Vegan! Visit our website for more dietary information, we update all our listings regularly with the manufacturers ingredients and always highlight any possible allergens or dietary requirements in bold.

We are happy to advise on any products we sell, so get in touch if there’s a certain range you want to hear more about .

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog,


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