Vegan Valentines Cupcakes

Time to create some Vegan Valentines Cupcakes!

Vegan Valentines Cupcakes

Valentines is just around the corner and what is Valentines if it’s not the perfect day to show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them?

As for me I love to bake, and luckily my partner loves to eat cake, so you could say we are a pretty good match that way!

….The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?


New Beau Flavours

Beau Food Flavours

Recently we’ve taken in a lot of new Beau flavours here at Party Animal Online and I’ve been itching to try them out so this is the perfect excuse to try out some new flavours!

I went with the Strawberry Sundae flavouring. It smells absolutely gorgeous and strawberries are supposed to be romantic so I figured it couldn’t go wrong!

Combine that with a gorgeous vibrant red sponge and you’ve got a good start for a romantic cake or cupcakes.


Yummy Vegan Cupcake Recipe

The recipe I used for the cake sponge can be found here @ Lovingitvegan

It’s a vegan sponge so it’s suitable for people who follow a vegan lifestyle, or for anyone who might suffer from an intolerance to eggs and dairy.

This recipe also works very well for making cupcakes so It’s my go to recipe for both red velvet cakes and muffins! Please note that you won’t need as much colouring as the recipe calls for if you’re using our Sugarflair colours as they are highly concentrated so a little goes a really long way.

Doing this recipe as cupcakes will only require them to be baked for 15 minutes rather than the 25 minutes stated.

As an alternative sponge you can buy Co-ops vanilla sponge mix and use an egg replacer to make it vegan, but personally I prefer to make the sponge myself.


Strawberry Sundae Buttercream

For the buttercream I made some small alterations to the recipe previously posted.

3 and 3/4 Cups (450g) Powdered Icing Sugar
3 Tbsp (45g) Vegan Butter
Juice of one lemon
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (Or Beau Flavourings)

I replaced the lemon with water and I added a bit more than a quarter of a teaspoon with the Beau Strawberry Sundae flavouring.

Once I had stirred out all the lumps I added a generous amount of buttercream to each muffin. This recipe gave me 18 good sized muffins and enough buttercream to cover all of them!

Vegan Val

What you will need…

To start off, these are the things I used to make these cupcakes:

Sugarflairs Christmas red paste is my favourite paste to use for velvet cakes. The colour is bright, powerful and it looks great even after it’s been baked! If you want a darker red I would suggest that you use the velvet red paste from Sugarflair.

Vegan Valentines Cupcakes

Beau Flavouring

I’m not a big fan of super sweet things, so I was a bit worried that the flavouring would make the cupcakes too sweet since strawberry sundaes are very sweet and previous experiences with other brands of flavourings left my cakes tasting too sickly sweet for my own liking. But that’s not the case at all with Beau.

The fragrance from the cupcakes is strong and very sweet, but once you bite into the cupcake you don’t get an overwhelmingly sweet flavour, just that lovely strawberry sundae flavour and it tastes amazing! A glass of white wine or Prosecco would be perfect with the lush strawberry flavour.

Cake & Wine

I just wanted to have a play around and see what Valentine designs could work with this flavouring, and I must say that this would also make exceptionally good cupcakes for a birthday party or any other celebration.

I love the idea of playing with the strawberry sundae theme so I used some strawberry flavoured fizzy laces as “straws” to give some of the cupcakes that sundae look. You could even go one step further and tone the buttercream with red food dye to give it that extra good sundae look! Check out our blog: How to create two toned icing.


More about Renshaws Modelling Paste – Most is Vegan Friendly!

For the Sugar paste I got the Carnation red modelling paste from Renshaw as I’ve previously learned the hard way that normal sugar paste is way too sticky to use with cutters! The majority of Renshaws sugar pastes are suitable for vegans including this one.

I rolled the paste out on my counter and I used my Jem Fantasy Heart cutters to cut out the fantasy themed hearts that you can see on the pictures. The plainer hearts came from PME Small Heart Plunger Cutters.

Being a sugar paste novice I struggled a bit to get the hearts right, but soon realised I could simply press down the cutters and rip the sugar paste from around the cutter to make it go faster and more efficient.

If you place a sheet of baking paper under the sugar paste when you do this as well the sugar paste won’t stick to your counter.

I learned the hard way that the paste dries up very fast, so make sure that you use only small portions of it at a time and keep the rest of it covered up!

Vegan Valentines Cupcakes

Add some sparkle…

I brushed some of the hearts with gold sparkle dust and other with the pearl ivory dust, both from Sugarflair. And for the gold paint I just used rejuvenation liquid and painted the lustres on. I love how versatile these dusts are! If you have the skill you could also make sugar paste or even strawberry roses to put on top of the cupcakes.

Make them as personal or generic as you want them. I probably made mine a bit too personal as I got questioned whether me and my partner had gotten engaged when I brought them into work! But hey I guess this means they would work great for an engagement party as well!

Vegan Valentines Cupcakes


Here’s a collection of the designs I came up with. I hope you feel inspired to give out some extra sweet baked love goods this valentines. Roses will wither but the memory of a delicious tasty cupcake combined with amazing memories will last for a lifetime!

Vegan Valentines Cupcakes


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