Using Pro Gel Colours

Using Pro Gel Colours

Why I love the Rainbow Dust Pro Gel Colours.

First of all, there are currently 37 fantastic colours to choose from in the range. You can create infinite shades by adding a very small amount of Pro Gel Colour, for a pastel shade. Then you can increase the amount to create a much brighter shade.

The Pro Gel Colours come in a handy little squeezy tube, so you can squeeze as much colour out as you require and there are no messy tubs. The colour coordinating packaging makes finding the right colour in your toolbox so much simpler.

They can be used in Sugarpaste, Marzipan, Buttercream, Cake Batter and much more as they are completely edible and FDA approved.

You only need a small amount for a great colour, would you like proof? This Cake Masters Dress was made using 800 cupcakes and 5,000 flowers on top…how many tubes of Pro Gel Purple Colour was required??? 3, that’s right, 3!! Talk about value for money!

Cake Masters Cupcake Dress Made Using Pro Gel Purple

Pro Gel Colour Charts

We have created a couple of charts below to help you achieve that perfect colour you require.

You can also see how the Black Pro Gel Colour holds it’s colour here – we all know how tricky it is to stop your lovely black sugarpaste going purple/blue after some time.

Colouring Modelling Chocolate

We also tested out the Pro Gel Colours on Modelling Chocolate and they worked really well, with no texture changes or hardening of the paste.


How To Use Pro Gel Colours

We find it is best if you start with a little of the Pro Gel Colour and then keep adding your colour until you are happy. Knead the colour well into the paste to ensure that the colour is fully mixed. Have a look at this brilliant tutorial here from Candy’s Cupcakes on how to Colour your Sugarpaste using Pro Gel Colours

Pro Gel Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration on what to use your Pro Gel Colours check out these great tutorials and cake inspo;

Rainbow Unicorn– Using Rainbow Dust Pro Gel Colours To Paint

Learn how to pipe a grass effect here using the Rainbow Dust Green Pro Gel and JEM Grass Nozzle

Learn how to make a Rainbow Cake using Rainbow Set Of Pro Gel Colours in this video

Save More Money

Great news; we currently have a very special offer allowing you to buy all 37 colours on our cake supplies store and the best news is we ship quickly worldwide!

Using Progel Colours


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