Using Hamilworth Wires – Wire Gauge Guide

Using Hamilworth Wires and Free Wire Gauge Chart

Using Hamilworth Wires Free Wire Gauge Chart

Hamilworth Wires are a very popular product with cake decorators. We have so many questions about how to use them and what gauge is best for certain projects, so here is our guide to using Hamilworth Wires and your FREE Wire Gauge Chart.

You can use them for your sugar flowers, floristry work and starburst cakes and much more. They come in a wide range of colours, Nile Green, Dark Green and White.

These are perfect for creating your realistic flower sprays. They are paper covered which means you can add your petal dust to them to create a more realistic effect.

We also have a range of metallic colours, such as Red, Silver, Gold, Fuchsia and Aqua, these are great for those very popular starburst cakes.

Free Wire Gauge Chart

Save and print your FREE Wire GaugeĀ Chart here. I have mine printed and laminated on the inside of my baking cupboard door for easy reference.

Using Hamilworth Wires Free Wire Gauge Chart

Using Hamilworth Wires

Hamilworth wires can be used in many ways, for further inspiration and tutorials have a look at these great blogs.

Using Hamilworth wires to create a starburst effect on this Novelty Firework Cake

Check out ourĀ JEM Lacy Butterfly Tutorial shows you how to use the wires to create a beautiful Butterfly display.

Have you been wondering how to use Hamilworth Wires on your Sugar flowers have a look at this video and our blog on Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas

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