Traditional Rich Fruit Cake Sizing Table

Rich Christmas Fruit Cake RecipeOne of our most popular recipes on the PartyAnimalOnline Cake it to the Max Blog is always the Traditional Rich Fruit recipe which we used at Party Animal for so many years for our wedding cakes and other fruit celebration cakes.

What everyone asks though is the recipe for different sizes of cakes so I thought that I would give you a table for the most popular sizes. So that you don’t have to do the maths! Very important as we head towards wedding cake season and tiered cakes.

All the figures for the different rich fruit sizes are in grams unless otherwise stated in the table. All sizes make cakes about 3″ (76cm) deep.

You can go to the blog with the recipe for the traditional Rich Fruit Cake here. The first section of the table is for the fruit which needs to be soaked for a few days. The second section is for the batter which you mix up as for any cake then add the soaked fruit mix to it.

Table of Different Cake Sizes for the Traditional Rich Fruit Cake Recipe

Traditional Rich Fruit Recipes Quantities

Once mixed and put into the appropriate tins bake at about 140°C.

The temperature and baking times will vary according to your oven but you want a slow bake so that the cake surface remains flat and the cake cooks through without the surface burning.

Baking Times

5″ 4″ 2
6″ 5″
7″ 6″ 3
8″ 7″
9″ 8″
10″ 9″
11″ 10″ 5
12″ 11″
13″ 12″ 6

The actual time will vary on your oven and your baking pans so keep an eye on the cake and remove once firm to the touch.

Don’t forget to check out the Traditional Rich Fruit Cake blog for the detailed method description including pictures!

If this has come in handy for you please let us know in the comments below. Tell us if there’s anything else you would like to know to do with baking and cake decorating.

Everything you need for your cake supplies can be found at Party Animal Online.

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