Smooth Cakes And Sharp Edges With Buttercream

There is something oddly satisfying about a smooth cake and/or a cake with crisp, sharp edges.

To create smooth cakes and sharp edges you need to find your preferred way of achieving this. There are so many ways and no single way is the correct way. You find what works for you!

Smooth Edge CakeSmooth Cakes With Sharp Edges

To achieve a really smooth edge on your cakes (← like this one from Life, Love and Sugar) you are going to need a few essentials. They are; a Turntable, Side Scraper,Smoother and a Cranked Palette Knife.

First of all, you need to crumb coat your cake! This is a very important step with all cakes really before decorating. You don’t want any pesky cake crumbs ruining a smooth finish on your cake with sugarpaste or buttercream. Once you’ve crumb coated your cake pop in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to allow the crumb coat to harden. For information on how and why you should crumb coat, take a peek at this very informative blog from Sprinkles For Breakfast.

Apply your buttercream to the side of your cake the whole way around. Holding the smoother flat against your cake, turn the turntable with one hand, keeping the scraper flat against the cake.

When you have a build up of buttercream on the scraper, scrape this off onto the side of the bowl. Clean the scraper and continue holding the scraper and turning the turntable.

Repeat this until you have scraped the side of the whole cake a couple of times, keep any buttercream that appears above the cake there as this will help later with creating a smooth top.

Once you have completed this using the spatula pull the excess buttercream at the edge of the cake to the centre, do this for the entire top of the cake.

Apply a little parchment paper to the top of the cake. Then gently smooth over with your smoother, continue to do this for the sides of the cake until you have a beautifully smooth cake.

There is also the Flipping or Upside Down Technique to get a smooth cake as seen in this video.

We also love the Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers for creating sharp edges. Find out more about how to get the most out of them with our ‘Using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers Blog’

Smooth Ombre Cake

Using a similar manner you can create a really professional looking Ombre Smooth Buttercream Cake by following this great tutorial from Style Sweet CA.



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