Rainbow Cupcake Dress

Rainbow Cupcake Dress by Cake Masters.


I had a fabulous time at this years Cake International Exhibition and it certainly inspired us to get more involved next year by having our own stand with demonstrations… just a dream at the moment but hopefully we can make it reality!

One of mine and Mum’s favourite parts of the show was this incredible dress by Cake Masters, I’m not sure if you saw the purple one the year before but this one was even bigger and better and we just adored it. The show is held at The Birmingham NEC in the UK and is called Cake International, they run this particular one once a year in November and it’s one of the biggest all year and has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. It’s a must for cake decorating enthusiasts.


Cake Masters created this amazing tasty dress with hundreds of cupcakes and flowers coloured with Rainbow Dust Pro-Gels. These are fantastic colours and a little amount goes such a long way! I remember Rosie from Cake Masters saying their purple dress of a similar size only required 3 tubes of pro-gel food colour!! Absolutely amazing.

There was also the opportunity to go up and pose in this very vibrant rainbow cupcake dress – as you may notice, there isn’t a picture of me as I chickened out… I just imagined myself slipping getting up there and landing on top of all those cupcakes… I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet so I avoided it like the plague haha!

I did take lots of pictures for you all though! Didn’t want you missing out.


If you fancy giving the amazing ProGel Rainbow Dust Food Colours a go then we now have a special offer available for the Rainbow Set which includes 7 gorgeous colours that are great for making rainbow cakes, colouring sugarpaste, marzipan, royal icing, modelling paste, flower paste and much, much more. You can grab yours HERE with an extra 10% saving off them!

rainbow food colour set
Perfect for Rainbow Cakes

Thanks Cake Masters for making this incredible dress and inspiring us all and thank you to Cake International for the best Cake Show all year!

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