Puzzle Cake Tutorial Using Geometric Cutters

Part 1: Puzzle CakePuzzle Cake

Using the PME Geometric Multicutter we are going to show you how to create a fabulous Puzzle Cake.

This range has 6 different designs in it and all are aimed to create gorgeous geometric effects on your cakes.

Over the coming weeks we will be showing you all 6 designs which will also include a small video tutorial. So, if you’re a big fan of Geometric designs stay tuned and watch this space!

Puzzle Cake Tutorial Geometric Cutters

Evenly roll out sugarpaste or modelling paste on a non stick surface. Remember if you use modelling paste that it will dry slightly firmer than sugarpaste which is ideal for those bursting puzzle pieces for the top tier.

Jigsaw Cake - Geometric Cutters

Press down on the cutter to cut out the Puzzle Pieces for your Puzzle Cake. They should release nice and easy.

If you have trouble getting your sugarpaste out, try dusting your cutter lightly with cornflour to stop the sugarpaste from sticking.

Jigsaw Cake - Geometric Cutters

If you are making patterns for cake sides, cut out other colours. Using edible glue stick the shapes to the cake top or sides in the required pattern.

To create the busting star effect, use 24g silver wire. Whilst your modelling paste is still soft, dip the wire end in edible glue and thread it through the sugarpaste.

Leave your modelling paste 24 hours to dry before finishing off your puzzle cake.



When creating a bursting effect from cakes and using wires you should always use a posy pick to secure your wire in the cake to confirm with health and hygiene regulations.


PME Geometric Cutters Video – Puzzle Cake

We have more Geometric Cutter Blogs coming that will show you how to use triangles, right angle, squares and diamond.

If you have used them already, let us know in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions. Our trained customer service is here to help!

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