Pretty & Colourful Mermaid cakes

Mermaid Cakes & Cupcakes

These are super popular trend right now among the younger generation! and who can blame them? They are so pretty and colourful with bright blues and purples and all things sparkly!

In this mermaid cakes blog I will show you what we stock, what you can make and just how easy it is to create this popular design.

Look at this gorgeous cake by one of our customers at Spotty Dots Cakery! Really pretty and colourful.

Mermaid theme cake by Spotty Dot Cakes

What Products can you use?

We would recommend using modelling paste to create mermaid tails, however you can use sugar paste mixed with a bit of tylose powder so that your moulds dry firm, to check how to do this, have a look at one of our previous blogs here.

There are plenty of colours to choose from to get your paste the right shade for your MER-mazing creations! Our favourite colours are below, however feel free to mix and swap for other shades:

Blues – Ice Blue, Kingfisher Blue

Purples – Purple, Violet

Pinks – Dusky pink, Pink,

Greens – Mint green, Sea green, Party green

Now for the added sparkle and shine, there are so many lustre powders, glitter and sprinkles to choose from, again i have listed a few of our favourites below:

Edible lustre and glitter – Blue, Glacier blue, Blue frost, Purple sparkle, Purple planet, Shimmer pink, Twinkle pink, Kingfisher, Frosty holly

Sprinkles – Sprinkletti Mermaid Mix

How do I do mermaid tails?

Now for the main event! We have a few moulds that you can use to make this super easy!

First, we have the FMM Mermaid Tails cutter set, this set contains 2 sizes. If you are doing a celebration cake or even a variety of cupcakes, the FMM Under The Sea Cutter set provides you with a variety of sea life such as fish, shell, starfish, seahorse and octopus.

We also have the Katy Sue Mermaid Tail mould which gives a fantastic effect of a mermaid diving into your cake and a gorgeous Little Mermaid mould which produces a beautiful mermaid character.

Check out the short tutorial video below on these moulds from Katy Sue:

Final Touches

After you have created your moulds, you can add as much sparkle and glitter as you feel necessary! Another example is you could use lustre colours mixed with some rejuvinator to give a lovely sheen or give them an all over shine with a Powder puff spray which are available in a variety of colours . There are so many colours and creation variants you can make with these!

Above all and most importantly, have fun and see what you can create!

We would love to see your creations on our Facebook page!

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