Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas fmm_poinsettia

It’s National Poinsettia Day tomorrow so I felt what better way to celebrate than to show you some of our Best Sellers for creating your very own edible Poinsettia flowers top pop on top of your Cupcakes and Christmas Cakes.

Before we get started with the Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas, here’s a bit of background on the Poinsettia Flower:

Poinsettia Facts

Poinsettia’s actually originate from Mexico and were considered a symbol of purity by the Aztecs. After a visit to Mexico by Joel Roberts Poinsett, a US Ambassador in the 1820’s, Joel introduced them to America and began to grow them in his Green House… the plants flourished and thrived and as they began to be distributed the flower became commonly known as Poinsettia as a pose to it’s Mexican name Euphorbia pulcherrima. The 12th December is actually National Poinsettia Day as it marks the date Joel Roberts Poinsett died in 1851! There are now over 100 species of Poinsettia.

OK so lets get to the good stuff! Poinsettia’s are great for the Christmas Holiday Season so if you are looking to decorate your Christmas Cupcakes and Cakes with these gorgeous vibrant flowers then here’s some ideas to get you started. I have also included some tutorials that may just come in handy too!

Cupcake Katy Sue Poinsettia Mould:

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Flower
Katy Sue Mould creates Poinsettia Flower for Christmas Cupcake

I love the Katy Sue moulds, they are reasonably priced and great if you don’t want to fuss about with creating individual leaves & flowers etc.. it’s an all in one mould so it will do your cupcake top at the same time as the Poinsettia on the top. Alternatively you don’t have to use it for cupcakes… simply just use the Poinsettia section inside and add detail to cakes and cookies using it.

Be sure to dust your mould well with cornflour before using it and shake off any excess, this will stop your sugarpaste / fondant sticking to the mould. Once you have released the sugarpaste you can hand paint or dust your colours on. There’s so many beautiful ways to make these look fantastic!

Katy Sue Poinsettia Mould is priced around £7

Patchwork Cutters Poinsettia Cutters

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas
Patchwork Cutters Intermediate Sugarcraft Cutters

These are great for Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas but I would say you need some experience with Sugarcraft to use these cutters, they are probably the most difficult out of our three suggestions. You will need to use a flower paste rather than Sugarpaste as you need your flowers to firm up. You will also need to make them a day in advance to give them time to set up. The results from Patchwork Cutters are fantastic and you’ll have the whole family cooing at the skill behind the Christmas Cake by using these. Remember patience is a virtue!

For more tips when using Patchwork Cutters visit our blog <HERE>

The Patchwork Cutters Poinsettia, Holly & Ivy is priced around £5.50

FMM Poinsettia Cutters

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas
Creating Poinsettia Sugarcraft Flowers using FMM Cutters

Now these are the skilled sugarcraft cutters but they are a little deeper allowing you to work at a thickness of flower paste you feel comfortable with. Luckily for us FMM have made a fantastic easy to follow Tutorial to go with this lovely set, so if you fancy taking your cake decorating skills to the next level then this is PartyAnimalOnline’s recommendation this Christmas.

FMM Poinsettia Cutters are priced around £7 – We currently have it available for £6.30

What You Will Need:

Here’s the full Tutorial Video:

Here at PartyAnimalOnline we stock a huge range of Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft equipment to make sure every project is achievable at an affordable price. Pop by the website for more inspiration and equipment.




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