Petal Ruffle Tutorial

Petal Ruffle Tutorial by Let’s Eat Cake

Ruffle Petal Tutorial by Charlotte from Let's Eat Cake
Ruffle Petal Tutorial by Charlotte from Let’s Eat Cake

Our lovely guest blogger Charlotte from Let’s Eat Cake has been busy creating gorgeous cakes and letting you in on all the secrets! What a star!

Today we have a quick behind the scenes Petal Ruffle Tutorial and it looks awesome.


What you will need:-

Step 1: Start by rolling your paste very thinly. Be sure to use flower paste with a non stick rolling pin.ruffle3

Step 2: Using the 5 petal cutter, cut out several blossom shapes and place onto the foam pad.


Step 3: Soften the edges of each petal using a ball tool.ruffle5

Step 4: Apply a little edible glue to the centre of one of the blossoms.


Step 5: Attach a second layer of petals, making sure the top petals overlap the first layer. Repeat for all of the blossoms (two are needed for each ruffle).


Step 6: Carefully fold the blossom in half.


Step 6: Fold the blossom back on itself and ‘scrunch’ into shape.


The ruffle from the side…..


Step 7: Place the ruffles into a foam former to dry for around 5-10 minutes – just so the petals hold their shape


Step 8: Brush the base of the cake with edible glue.


Step 9: Add the first ruffle, using the celpin (the end of a paint brush also works well) to secure to the cake.

Use the end of the pin to move the petals into the desired position..

Step 10: Continue adding the ruffle all the way around the base of the cake.


Step 11: When the first layer is complete, begin adding the second layer from where you originally started.

The finished ruffles – to create the ombre effect, add white flower paste to the original colour started with. I added more white every two layers.


A huge thank you to Charlotte for sharing this ruffle petal tutorial with us! You can check out her Facebook Page at Let’s Eat Cake for more awesome stuff like this and remember we have all the cake supplies at great prices on our website too 🙂

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  1. Can you make these ruffles in advance as I have a 4 tier cake to decorate and I am thinking it will take a long time to do. Thanks

    1. Hi there Chris, unfortunately you can’t make them in advance. We usually recommend doing just one feature tier as these ruffles can take 3-4 hours depending how full you want them. They need to be applied before the flower paste dries to allow them to be attached to the cake tier without breakages.

    1. Hi Elaine, the term fondant is often used in the US and this translates to the same as ready-roll icing or sugarpaste in the UK. The term gum paste is used is the US and in the UK we use the term modelling paste or flower paste, this is the paste that dries firm allowing you to create models and flowers out of it 🙂 I hope this helps.

        1. Hi Sue, here in the UK gumpaste is known as flower paste and it is 100% edible and safe for consumption. Brands such as Squires Kitchen SFP (Sugar Flower Paste) and Renshaw Flower Paste are all edible 🙂 We have these available on our cake supplies website.

  2. Gorgeous cake. Thanks for posting the tutorial. Can I attach the petals directly to a buttercream cake or do I have to cover the bottom cake layer with fondant too?
    I am planning to cover the top tier in fondant but we are not big fans of the taste of fondant. So I am thinking of attaching the petals to just a buttercream cake.

    1. I would recommend using fondant, the main reason is because buttercream can make fondant very sticky as it absorbs the buttercreams moisture. I would roll out the fondant very fine as it will be totally covered with ruffles 🙂

    1. Hi. It really depends on how thinly you can roll the paste as to how much you will need. The thicker you roll the more you will need! Try about 400g – that should give you plenty for your ruffles but do roll as thinly as you can.

    1. Sorry we have not answered as quickly as usual due to the Christmas rush and holidays so I hope this is not too late!
      The ruffles will last and still look good as long as the cake will! Make sure that it is kept out of damp atmosphere (not the fridge or kitchen where there is steam for example) as that may soften the paste and cause it to droop.

    1. Hi Rosie, we wouldn’t recommend doing this design with fondant as once it dries it would crumble and break very easily. To achieve a nice fine finish you would need to do the ruffle directly on to the cake with flower or modelling paste.

  3. Approximately how many flowers do you think it would take to cover a 10″ and a 6″ both 3″deep? I’m making a cake for my friends baby shower and I just wanted to know how many i should pre make.

    1. Hi Tonya, It’s really hard to say as it depends how tightly you pack them in. They need to be applied before they dry so unfortunately it’s not something that can be prepped in advance. Give yourself plenty of time as it takes a good 2-3 hours depending how quick you work. x

  4. I’m in the US. Is modeling paste the same as fondant? What brand and color did you start with as your darkest layer? The colors are gorgeous!!

    1. Sorry, one more question! I have the set of flower cutters, but which size would I use for the same look? Thanks so much!

  5. Can you please tell me how long in advance I can make the ruffles? I am keep to make sure that I do as much as I can before the actual week of the wedding to take the pressure off. If I can make them several weeks beforehand, how is the best way to store them until use? Many thanks.


    1. Hi Rose, unfortunately the ruffles have to be made as you are decorating the actual cake, if you make them before hand they will break when trying to attach them to the cake. This will give you the best results with the least waste. Thanks for your message.

      Kind regards Steph

  6. So sorry for the repeat question about serving the cake!! Please delete one as I’m not sure how to do it. Thanks so much!

  7. Silly question but I’m assuming the flowers dry hard and are inedible. Do you remove them before serving the cake? I can’t imagine at a wedding having to announce to guests to not eat the cake flowers. I’m very new at this as you can tell! lol Thanks for your help. Gorgeous cake.

    1. Hi Gloria, the flowers and ruffles are completely edible. To create them you use edible modelling paste, this will dry firm but can still be consumed 🙂

  8. This is lovely, I’m going to attempt it for my Daughter’s Christening cake! Could you tell me what size the cakes are, and how many there are in the bottom layer? It looks much deeper than 2 cakes, is it 4 stacked? Thanks

    1. Hi Nicola, thanks for the kind comments. Charlotte looks like she’s used an 6″ and 9″ here with a 11″ board. I know she uses 4″ deep cakes and the bottom tier is made up of 2 stacked. I hope this helps and the very best of luck to you. It’s a lovely design that is worth every minute given to it 🙂

  9. Hi Sharon, it varies alot depending how thick you have your ruffles, you can make high quality modelling paste stretch well by rolling them thinner. To create a similar effect to the picture I would get around 400g to be on the safe side, split it in to 4 and colour to different depths to create an ombre finish. If you have leftover wrap well and seal in an airtight container, this can then be frozen for upto 6 months! 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy, normal fondant wouldn’t work well as the petals would drop however you can make your own modelling paste by adding 1 tsp of tylo powder to 250g of fondant and it will work just as well as pre-made 🙂

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