New Edible Food Art Pens

New Edible Food Art Pens

New Edible Food Art Pens

By Rainbow Dust

A really fab update! Thanks to Rainbow Dust amazing product research they have developed an even better edible pen!!

Here’s our Q & A on the new edible food art pens due out very soon!

New Rainbow Dust Edible Pens


Q. I thought Rainbow Dust already had a range of edible pens?

A. They did, then they took all your feedback and improved it!


Q. What is better about the new ones?

A. They are a higher performance product, with all the old pros but some new ones too… They are faster drying and they now write on loads more stuff. The new pens work on Chocolate, Candy Buttons or Melts as well as Sugarpaste, Modelling pastes, Marzipan, royal icing and sugar plaques.


Q. Do they still have two nibs with different sizes?

A. Yes they do!


Q. When will they be available?

A. They will be available to buy from the 1st June. You can get them from our online store HERE.


Product Features

  • Dual nib – 2.5mm nib and thin 0.5mm
  • Quick drying 100% edible ink
  • Suitable for application on multiple surfaces
  • Fondant icing – soft and set • Flower modeling paste
  • Chocolate
  • Suitable for vegetarians and is certified Kosher
  • Quick drying 100% edible ink
  • Ink amount: 5 grams
  • Multilingual back of pack – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

If you need any help or further information on Rainbow Dust products and the new edible food art pens you can contact our sales team at or simply comment on our blog and we’ll reply!

New Edible Food Art Pens


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