Naughty Nutella & Rich Chocolate Cupcakes

Prep Time – 25mins
Bake Time – 20 mins
Total – 45 mins
Makes 12 cupcakes
Culpitt Non Peel Cupcake Cases in the new metallic colours!
Culpitt Non Peel Cupcake Cases in the new metallic colours!

I love the weekend… it means I get the chance to let loose in the kitchen and try out some of the new products myself. I decided to use some of the new cupcakes cases to see if any of them were ‘peelers’.

Definition – ‘Peelers’ – Annoying cupcake cases that peel when heat is applied to them in the cupcake baking process, making ones cupcakes look untidy and unprofessional.

Success! Non of the 4 cupcake cases tried were put under the catergory of being named as peelers. I used Metallic Red, Ice Blue, Green and Red cases which gave a lovely professional finish to the scrummy cakes!

Non-peel - woohoo
Non-peel – woohoo

Tips to help prevent cases from peeling:

1- Don’t over beat your mixture – this is known to make your mix greasy and can cause the cases to peel away.

2 – Don’t put your temperature on too high – heat can cause the cases to peel away, find that perfect temperature! For these I found 160c or 140c if you have a fan assisted oven!

Here’s the recipe:

Naughty Nutella and Rich Chocolate Cupcakes.

(For a printable PDF of this recipe got to our home website and get the recipe for the cupcakes and for the topping

200g of plain chocolate (I recommend 70% solids and upwards)
200g of unsalted butter
Prepare well, this saves a lot of time and mess.
Prepare well, this saves a lot of time and mess.
200g light brown caster sugar
2 medium eggs
1tsp of vanilla essence
100ml of hot water
250g self raising flour
100g of nutella.
For the topping
200g of white chocolate
300g double cream
50g icing sugar


 There’s a method in my madness..

Preheat the oven to 160c or 140c if you have a fan assisted oven and weigh your ingredients. I find weighing them all out makes the whole baking process a lot less stressful…especially when kids are involved – Yes, this includes big kids too!

Melt your plain chocolate, butter, sugar and 100ml of hot water in a large saucepan, stirring occasional. Once melted remove from heat and place out your 12 cupcake cases on to the tray ready. Beat your eggs and vanilla essence and then add them to your chocolate mix.

Pour with a beaker or pipe to stop messy edges on the cupcake cases.
Pour with a beaker or pipe to stop messy edges on the cupcake cases.

Sieve self raising flour into a large mixing bowl, this helps add fluffiness to your cupcakes by allowing more air in! Then simply add your chocolate mix in to your self raising flour and fold together until fully mixed.

*Remember* Don’t overbeat your cake mix – this leads to flat, heavy cupcakes and can cause your cake cases to peel!

Now the most difficult job of all…. resisting eating the cake mix! You know what I was saying about big kids earlier…

Salmonella my a**, I'm eating the batter!
Salmonella my ass, I’m eating the batter!

You just can’t keep them out the kitchen sometimes! “Ayyyyy, keep your mitts off!”

Fill the cupcake cases three quarters full and then put them in the oven for 20 minutes. Then we are nearly ready to add the nutella! YUM!

Once they are out and cooled you will need to make a hole in the top by cutting a cone shape in the cupcake (like you do with butterfly cakes). Take the top out and then simply put a “technical term” blob of Nutella inside and replace the top of the cupcake – a nice surprise for the lucky ones that get to test your cakes!


There’s no right or wrong to the amount of Nutella to add but I found that with all that chocolate already in these cupcakes, about a 1/2 tsp per cupcake was just perfect!

Now for the White Chocolate Cream Topping..

It’s dead easy.. whisk your cream until you can make peaks with it, it should still be smooth and have some movement – put on one side while you deal with the important chocolatey part!

Melt your white chocolate the right way – don’t get lazy and shove it in the microwave… this just ends in disaster and takes away from the flavour with a less delicious burnt taste! Use hot water in a pan and then add the chocolate to a separate glass bowl that will fit in the saucepan to heat – this technique melts the chocolate slowly keeping that yummy flavour!

White Chocolate Cream Cupcake Topping
White Chocolate Cream Cupcake Topping flavour! Avoid water splashing in to your chocolate! – Keep the heat below boiling as contaminating your chocolate will turn it in to a lumpy, horrible mess! Yuck!

Now sieve your icing sugar in to the thickened cream and add the white chocolate. Mix well and this should leave you with a nice firm mixture you can pipe with!

I added my mix to the FMM reusable piping bag with a FMM 12 Star tube to create the ice cream effect to my cupcakes. To make your cupcake peak start from the outside and circle your cupcake until it peaks in the centre. I finished them off with some white choc sprinkles that you can buy from your local supermarket and a flake!

I doubled my mix as there was 24 hungry workers in the office I was delivering too! I hope you enjoy it as much as they did.



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