Mixing with Sugarflair Food Colours

Make the most out of your Sugarflair food colours by buying a small amount of colours and mixing your own! We find that most colours can be achieved using just 5 colours. We call this our beginners set and it includes:

Includes Melon, Christmas Red, Baby Blue, Dark Brown, Liquorice.
Includes Melon, Christmas Red, Baby Blue, Dark Brown, Liquorice.
  • Christmas Red
  • Baby Blue
  • Melon Yellow
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Here’s a few examples of other colours you can make.

Christmas Red + Melon Yellow = Orangecolours

Baby Blue + Melon Yellow = Green

Baby Blue + Christmas Red = Deep Purple

Baby Blue + Tiny amount of Black = Navy

Baby Blue + Tiny amount of Brown = Teal

If however you can’t be bothered pre-mixing them they do a huge range of 36 colours from the spectral range and 20 gorgeous pastel colours.

colourchart_fin_guality-1 copy

We also have two very helpful mixing video’s available to view for free on YouTube. If you want to know more pop over to our PartyAnimalOnline YouTube channel for loads of Sugarcraft Tutorials.




    1. You can but it is not the most economical way. Pastel colours have white added to give the pastel shades so generally you would be better with the Spectral or droplets colours as you do not have to add so much to get the colour you need.

    1. Hi Sandy, the difference between the Spectral & Pastel are the following: Spectral are vibrant, bright food colours that will take the colour you are aiming to achieve to a much deeper, brighter colour. Whereas the Pastel range has been specially formalised to purposely not allow bright colouring creating lovely pastel shades such as lemons, baby pinks and powder blues amongst others. They are also great for hand painting cakes 🙂

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