Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

Christmas Pudding Truffles are perfect as stocking filler gifts, Christmas gift for teachers, or used as after dinner sweeties with a difference. Easy to make from left-over fruit cake they are a seasonal treat that everyone can love.

When we were making our Christmas Cakes in the Party Animal shop, making Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles was definitely a favourite use for left-over fruit cake. We often made novelty Christmas cakes which involved carving the cake into the shapes of Santa’s Sacks, Stars or one of many other lovely designs. This left us with unused fruit cake. Now, there is really only so much extra cake you can eat when doing this job, so we used the offcuts to produce these fabulous mini pudding truffles.


There are no set weights and measures for these as it will depend on how much fruit cake you have available as well as how moist it is as to how much additional moisture (jam & spirit) you need to add.

You will need:
Ingredients for mini christmas pud truffles
Left-over fruit cake

Rum or Brandy

Apricot jam

Chocolate vermicelli

Small amount of royal icing ( If I am not making any for my cakes I use the Squires Kitchen Mix here as this will make small quantities easily)

Christmas Red & Green Paste Food Colour. (I used Sugarflair Christmas Red & Mint Green)

Small Greaseproof Parchment Paper piping bags

No 1 and No 2 piping tubes

Petite Fours (mini muffin) cases


How to Make the Truffle

Mix the ingredients for truffles

Crumble your fruit cake into a large bowl.

Warm the Apricot jam in a microwave and add a tablespoon to the mixture along with a tablespoon of Brandy/ Rum.

Mix all together. The mixture needs to be soft but not too sloppy. It should hold its shape when you roll it into balls.  Add a little more of the jam and liquid  if it is not sticking together.

Take a dessert spoon of mixture and roll into a ball and set onto greaseproof paper. Repeat until you have used all the mixture and truffle centres are lined up on the greaseproof paper.

Tip the vermicelli into a shallow bowl. Roll each Christmas Pudding Truffle into the vermicelli and roll again to make sure that the strands stay in place. Ensure that each truffle is even and round.

Put each truffle into a petit fours case.

How to Decorate the Christmas Pudding Truffles

Adding the white icing top

Make up a small quantity of royal icing. If possible I try to decorate my truffles at the same time as I am using royal icing elsewhere. If I haven’t got any icing made up then I would use the Squires Kitchen pack of Professional Royal Icing Mix – you can make this up in very small quantities. Quick tip though – make sure you shake the packet well each time you use it to make sure the ingredients are evenly mixed and have not settled.

You will need a small amount of red and green Royal Icing for the Holly and this should be quite firm. I have coloured the icing by mixing on a white tile and I have used Sugarflair Paste Colours – Christmas Red & Mint Green. The white icing needs to be slightly softer so add a drop of water to slightly soften it to get the soft flowing look to the topping.

Put your white icing into a parchment/ greaseproof bag and snip a small hole in the end. You could use a N0 3 tube instead if you prefer. Pipe the icing on the top to give the impression of runny ‘white sauce’. Leave to set up. You could dust with a little Sugarflair Silver Snowflake to give the topping a snowy sparkle if you like a bit of glitz.

Pipe the holly

Pipe holly decoration onto Christmas Truffles

Use a No 2 tube with the green icing and pipe three bulbs pulling the tips out to give the impression of Holly Leaves. The red icing should be in a bag with a No 1 nozzle. Pipe 3 small round bulbs in the centre for ‘Holly Berries’.

Leave to set up and then pack into petit fours boxes or sweet boxes… or just eat!

Not being a huge fan of a lot of fruit cake I like these Mini Christmas Truffles as they give just a little taste of the traditional rich fruit Christmas cake and yet look impressive too!

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

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