Metallic Cake Finish

Metallic Cake Finish

Have you ever wondered how you can create a lovely metallic cake finish without using gold leaf that costs you a small fortune?

Thanks to the awesome Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints a metallic cake finish is now easy!

Metallic Cake finish


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We have covered our cake & board with sugar paste and left to dry. Not everyone covers the cake board, but this step is also useful for painting the very base of your cakes edge.

  • Shake the paint before use and pour out an adequate amount onto a pallet or plate (5 or 10ml should be plenty).
  • Taking a thick sable brush (either No.6 or a flat edge approx. 8mm) and dip it into the paint, soaking up a generous amount of paint. Apply this at the bottom of the cakes side, where it meets the cake board.



  • Continue all the way around the cake until you meet up with the point where you started. Do not worry about being neat as this will be covered up by the sponging technique.
  • Take your EasyCover Sponge and soak it in water (under the tap). Squeeze dry and if possible make it even dryer by squeezing it in a paper towel. This will leave the sponge very soft but without any excess water that could dilute your paint.
  • Take hold of the sponge and dab it into the paint on your pallet/plate until the sponge absorbs a good amount of paint. (do not dab it until it is dripping, this is far too much)

Metallic Cake finish


  • Then, simply use a gentle dabbing technique to apply the paint to the cakes surface. Do not press too hard, simply apply the paint with many gentle touches. As you sponge over the edge that you initially painted with the brush, you will notice that the dabbing of the sponge hides any brush marks and creates a seamless covering.



  • Continue until the whole cake is covered.



  • Allow the paint to dry and then continue as per your design. We have added 2 pieces of ribbon to finish off the cake. This is then ready for the top decoration.

For best results

  • Tip 1: To create a deeper covering, wait until the first coat is dry and apply a second coat of paint by repeating the dabbing process.
  • Tip 2: It can be a good idea to cover your cake with a complimenting colour to the paint. For example, if you are going to cover a cake in silver paint, then it is a good idea to use a grey sugar paste. (Yellow sugar paste for gold paint, Blue sugar paste for blue paint, etc etc).

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    1. Hi Maria,

      It can but only via an airbrush machine. You can airbrush with the Rainbow Dust metallic paints once the buttercream has set. 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie, you can indeed use lustre dusts and alcohol. We find lustre and rejuvenator liquid great as it evaporates a lot faster than alcohol. I will say that generally you won’t get quite as good coverage and finish with lustres. x

  1. Beautiful!! Please what option do I have to the EasyCover sponge?as I doubt if it’s available in my country. Or rather, what material is the sponge made of? Thanks

    1. Hi. The Easy cover sponge is a natural sponge so you should be able to get it from art shops or maybe from a good make up supplier. Make sure you sterilise it well if it is not made specifically for food use as this one is. Of course if you like you can get from us as we will ship all over the world 🙂

    1. No preparation needed! Simply open the Rainbow Dust metallic paint and use. It is a good idea to pour some onto a palette to make it easier to apply evenly.

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