How to Marzipan a Square Fruit Cake for Royal Icing

How to Marzipan a Square Fruit Cake for Royal Icing

Royal Icing is one of my favourite coverings and it is really starting to become very fashionable again.   I love the flavour and the crisp sharp appearance of a Royal Iced cake but if you want a great Royal Iced cake you need to start with a good base coat of Marzipan. this tutorial will teach you how to marzipan a square fruit cake ready for Royal Icing.

Unlike most sugarpaste cakes where we marzipan to get rounded edges by marzipanning the cake all-in-one. With Royal Icing we need the marzipan to give really sharp edges so we do the top and each side separately.

We have recorded the following video tutorial to show you the best way to professionally marzipan your square fruit cake. The cake in the video is a 7″ square cake and uses about 850g marzipan.

We start off by marzipanning the top of the cake which takes about 2/3 of the marzipan. The remaining third is used to marzipan the cake sides. This means that you do not have too much marzipan on the sides but there will be enough to seal the cake ready for the royal iced coatings whilst the top has the depth of marzipan to give great flavour to each slice.

Requirements for Marzipanning a Fruit Cake for Royal Icing
You will need:

  • Square Rich Fruit Cake
  • Alcohol or orange juice for feeding
  • Apricot Jam
  • Marzipan (I use the Renshaws Rencol Marzipan because it is smooth and has great flavour!)
  • Cake Board – Do not use the board you will be finally presenting the cake on – start with a rough board until after you have completed the Royal Icing covering

The tools you will need are:

Once you have completed the mazipanning leave the cake at least overnight. The ideal is a few days to crust over but you can leave it up to a couple of weeks before covering with Royal Icing. It can even be left longer but if you leave it too long the marzipan will dry out and lose its flavour.

Coming Soon…

How to Marzipan a Round Cake for Royal Icing


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