Making Your Own Edible Glue

Edible Glue Recipe

Panic! Panic! You have no edible glue, it’s now 1.30am and this cake needs to be ready in a time you do not wish to calculate.

Never fear! We have your back here at Party Animal Online!

Of course, we offer 1st class delivery when you order on our website and even Click & Collect for those local to us! However, if you need the glue at this very moment we have a quick and simple recipe for you to create your own.

How to make your own edible glue.

Edible Glue Recipe


It’s that easy! You even get chance to have a brew whilst you are waiting for the water to cool down. Or why not catch up on some of our latest blogs;

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No Tylose Powder?

Alternatively if you don’t have any handy tylose powder you can use sugarpaste with boiling water, it doesn’t work quite as well as Tylose but will work in the case all other options are out of the question.



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