Making Sugar Peonies

Making Sugar Peonies

FMM Sugarcraft have created a new way to save loads of time when making sugar Peonies. I’d recommend using flower paste or modelling paste when creating sugar flowers. These pastes dry firm and stop the flowers from wilting and losing shape.

Making Sugar Peonies

Our customers are loving the range on the ‘Easiest Cutters Ever’. They are perfect for all levels of cake decorator. Not only that but they save so much time!

Watch this fantastic tutorial by FMM Sugarcraft to see exactly what we mean when we say easy!

These cutters are also available in

1. The easiest Rose ever

2. The easiest Smaller Rose ever

3. The easiest Carnation ever

4. The easiest Peony ever

It’s great to see we’ve started to get some lovely positive reviews back on the Easiest Peony Cutters already!

Easiest Peony Feedback

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the Easiest Peony Cutters.

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