Making Large Sugar Flower Rose Wedding Cake

Making Large Sugar Flower Rose Wedding Cake

FMM large rose tutorial to create an elegant wedding cake/
FMM large rose tutorial to create an elegant wedding cake/

We have just got the new gorgeous extra large cutters in from FMM and they are great for making those really impressive large roses for wedding and birthday cake toppers.

Here’s the full project to create the cake from start to finish. We’ve tried to add links wherever we can to the products in case you haven’t already got them.

Equipment you will need:

Prepare some flower paste to the desired colour and make a cone shape,about three quarters of the size of the smallest cutter you are starting your rose with. (You will need a total of 5 Roses for this cake, 2 large, 3 slightly smaller but it
is always handy to make some spare cones just in case). Dip the end of the cocktail stick into edible glue and insert into the base of the cone. Leave to dry overnight.

Roll out some pink coloured paste thinly and cut out four petals using the 56mm cutter, using your dab-a-dust to stop the past from sticking. Place the petals onto the firm foam pad and soften the edges using a ball tool. Brush one of the petals with edible glue and with the ‘point’ facing to the side, place one of your larger cones onto the petal and wrap around to form a tight ‘bud’.

Attach the next petal (point facing downwards) so it is slightly higher than the bud. Stick the left side down and leave the right side open. Tuck the next petal under the first, again leaving the right side open. Add the final petal in the same way and stick the right side over the first petal.

Roll out some more paste and, using the 56mm cutter again, cut five petals. Soften the edges as before using the ball tool. Attach the petals as described in the previous layer. Use your fingers to turn the edges of each petal slightly.

Next, combine some pink and cream paste to create a softer shade and cut out seven petals using the 67mm cutter. Soften the petals and add to the flower as before.

The final layer for your large roses consists of nine petals cut from cream flower paste using the 78mm cutter. Insert the cocktail stick into a styrofoam dummy, removing the stick from the flower when dry. Repeat these steps to make two more large roses. For the smaller roses, follow the instructions above using 45, 56 and 67mm cutters, stopping at the 7 petal layer ensuring your outer petals are cream.

Leave your finished roses overnight to dry and, using petal dust, add a little colour to the edge of the cream petals and some depth to the colour of the middle petals.

Stack your cakes on your covered board and trim all edges with a ribbon of your choice (see picture).

For the small white flowers roll some white flower paste to approximately 1mm thick and cut out approximately 80 Daphne flowers. These can be applied straight away in a pattern around the side of top third of the bottom and top tiers. (see picture)

Arrange 2 of the smaller roses at the edge where the bottom and middle tiers meet. Then arrange the remaining roses on the top tier. Fix them in place with a small amount of royal icing. (see picture)

For more fabulous projects using FMM products you can visit their Educate FMM site!

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