Making Edible Glass – 2 Easy Methods

We have put together a couple of nice and easy methods for making edible glass, which will go perfectly with the edible blood recipe ready for Halloween treats.

UK edible glass recipe

When making edible glass there are a few methods

  • Ready Tempered Isomalt
  • Fox’s Glacier Mints
  • Sugar Recipe

We are going to focus this blog around the top two and you’ll be glad to hear they are both pretty easy. However, if you are not looking for a minty flavour you are definitely best with ready tempered isomalt.

Fox’s Glacier Mint Edible Glass Recipe

To create colourless glass then you won’t need any food colour. If you are doing a Frozen Cake or Breaking Bad ‘Clear Blue’ cake then add a little Sugarflair Ice Blue… this works a treat and can be added once the mints have melted.

Please note; be really careful to use a lipped tray to ensure nothing spills out, this can get extremely hot so extra care needs to be taken.


1 – Heat your oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

2 – Use a lipped tray and place the mints evenly spaced apart

3 – Place tray in the oven for 5-10 minutes until melted (check them after 5 mins you don’t want them to burn)

4 – Once melted carefully use a wooden toothpick to mix in a little food colour if you are wanting to create coloured glass, be extremely careful as the sugary mints will be very hot.

5 – Leave to set for 30 mins and then break them up in to jagged glass pieces, these will be perfect for using as your edible glass for cupcakes.


Do not leave it too long as it will bubble and the clear, smooth glass effect will be lost

A great example of this is on Pams Party & Practical Tips who have used this method for making Elsa’s Ice Candy! Perfect for Frozen fans!

Making Edible Glass

Making Edible Glass with


Much the same as the previous method and if possible even easier – no oven required!. As this Isomalt is ready tempered you can just simply melt and go!

Making Edible Glass


1 – Place the isomalt pieces into a microwaveable bowl

2 – Melt in the microwave in 30 second bursts until the isomalt becomes fluid.

3 – Stir gently until the bubbling has stopped and then use to mould your creations.

4 – It can also be poured onto a suitable surface eg; baking tray and left 30 minutes to set.

5 – You can add colouring to the colourless Isomalt or buy ready coloured

The Sweet Little Cakery have used Fox’s mints as ice cube in this cool Smirnoff cake! What a great idea!

There’s loads more free tutorials on YouTube too so check them out if you have 5 minutes with your next brew.

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    1. I haven’t tried this method but I can’t see why not, make sure the pan is on as low as it can go as they will burn quickly if they are too hot. Be very careful when pouring as sugar gets too very hot temperatures. x

  1. This is PERFECT!!! For sooo long I’ve been looking for a recipe to make rock candy to pull off a glass palace however I cant source corn syrup in the UK anymore. So this nice and simple sugar glass recipe has done the job above and veyond! Thank you for sharing! X

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