Make an Entwined Hearts Cake Topper

Make an Entwined Hearts Cake Topper

Two hearts joining together, so romantic. Learn how to make an Entwined Hearts Cake Topper in this step-by-step tutorial. There are so many occasions where you need to use hearts on your cake, and there is something about Entwined Hearts that makes it that much more beautiful

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Make an Entwined Hearts Cake Topper

This tutorial will show you how to make an Entwined Hearts Cake, including Mr and Mrs Curved words and ruffles. Perfect for an engagement, wedding or anniversary.
We will begin by making the Entwined Hearts Cake Topper, which will stand on top of the cake. 
First knead together some of the pink modelling and pink flower paste, once combined, roll out and allow to dry/firm up for a couple of minutes (this is a great opportunity to make a brew!) Using your Entwined Hearts Cutter cut out the heart shapes and allow this to dry for around 24 hours before assembling your cake
Next, we will prepare the Entwined Hearts for the side of the cake. To do this roll out the ivory modelling paste, and again, allow to dry for a few minutes. Once this has dried/firmed up cut out 5 of the Entwined Hearts. You will then need to allow these to firm up some more for a couple of minutes. 
Whilst your Entwined Hearts are firming up you can begin to make the ruffles. To do this you will first need to roll out some pink modelling paste, you should roll this out very thinly using your non-stick rolling pin. Then using either the third largest circle in the Geometric Cutter Set or a 5 Petal Blossom Cutter, cut out 20 circles/blossoms. If using a circle cutter, place the circles on the foam pad and with the ball tool half on the circle and a half on the foam pad thin out the edges of the circle. Take one circle and fold in half and half again, pinch the pointed part to make your ruffle. Continue to do this for all the circles. 
If you have cut out blossom shapes you can follow our step-by-step tutorial here. Once you have made your ruffles allow them to firm up for a few minutes. 
Next, we will make the Mr & Mrs curved inscription, to do this roll out some of the pink modelling paste and allow this to dry/firm up for a couple of minutes. Once this has firmed up cut out the Mr & Mrs inscription, if there is any excess paste surrounding the cutter, use a Knife and Scriber Tool to remove any excess. Allow this to firm up for a few minutes. For a more detailed step by step on creating the perfect Mr & Mrs curved inscription check out our blog here
mr&mrs sugarcraft cake cutter
Once you have cut out all and made all the elements of your cake you can begin to assemble the cake. First, we will add the ruffles to the cake, to do this wet around the bottom of the top tier of the cake using the water and add your ruffles to the bottom of the cake until you have made a complete full row. Repeat this process for the very bottom tier of the cake. 
Next, we will attach the ivory Entwined Hearts to the bottom tier of the cake, again using water. Start from the centre of the cake and adhere one of the Entwined Hearts, then place the remaining Entwined Hearts each side and space them out equally around the bottom of the cake
Then, attach the Mr & Mrs Inscription to the bottom of the middle tier with water. 
Finally, attach your Entwined Hearts Cake Topper to the top centre of the cake using the Royal Icing and a lolly stick or dowel
That is your Entwined Hearts Cake Topper and Cake complete. 

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