Let It Snow Christmas Cake Tutorial

Let It Snow Christmas Cake Tutorial

Let It Snow Frozen Christmas Cake Tutorial

We want to help you make your Christmas Cake super special this year so we have added this tutorial using some of our favourite FMM cutters to help you create a really special cake.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the Christmas cake.

Equipment you will need:

  • FMM Christmas Tree cutter
  • FMM Alphabet tappits (upper case)
  • FMM Press ice – pattern 2 (Zig-Zag)
  • FMM Dab-a-dust – filled with cornflour
  • FMM Impression Mats set 3 (star)
  • FMM Straight Frill set 1-4 (2)

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Step 1.

Place your covered cake on the prepared cake drum. Using the press-ice tool, starting at the back of your cake, emboss the pattern around the top with a light pressure, making sure the tool is level so the pattern will meet. You now need to emboss this pattern to the top of your cake, be careful to make sure it is central and exactly where you want it before applying any pressure. See video for techniques in using the Press-Ice tool.

Step 2.

Using the white modelling paste cut three lengths with straight frill cutter – approximately 3mm thick and 1.5cm width. Fix the first two around the back of your cake with edible glue and cut the third to fit the remaining gap. Do not worry if the pattern does not match exactly at this stage.

Step 3.

Take some of the renaming paste and colour with a tiny amount of black – resulting in very light grey. Roll this out to appoximately 3mm thick, brush it all over with silver lustre dust and use the impression mat to emboss it. Then cut out 6 Christmas trees and place them at regular intervals around the base of your cake, use to cover any places where your frills join and place one on top of your cake underneath the pattern you embossed earlier.

Step 4.

Use the Alphabet tappits to cut out the letters to spell out “Let it Snow” in white modelling paste. The paste needs to be rolled approximately 1 – 2mm with a little corn flour from the dab-a-dust to help tap the letters out. Allow them to dry for a few minutes before arranging on the top of your cake. Once you are happy with the layout, fix in place with a small amount of edible glue.

Step 5.

Next, pipe over your embossed Zig-Zag pattern using royal icing (or place your edible pearls over the embossing – whatever you decided on).

Step 6.

Finally, fix a co-ordinating ribbon around your cake drum.


We hope you enjoy making and eating your Christmas Cake as much as we did! Happy Baking with #CakeItToTheMax

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