Katy Sue Tutorial Inspiration

Katy Sue Moulds

Katy Sue Tutorial Inspiration

We really like the Katy Sue Moulds, they are so easy to use and because they are silicone it makes your designs easier to remove from the mould.

They have a great range of designs from Dream Fairies to Merry Christmas plaques.

Katy Sue Moulds can be used for sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, cold porcelain, salt dough, air drying clay and embossing powder (so pretty much anything you want them to do really!)

Read on to get some serious Katy Sue Tutorial Inspiration!

How To Use Katy Sue Moulds

As with most moulds and tappits you are best using Flower Paste or Modelling paste with them for a great finish.

If you have the perfect coloured Sugarpaste though, don’t worry you can make this into a firmer paste for using with the moulds by kneading in 1 teaspoon of Tylo into 225g (8oz) of sugarpaste. The Tylo needs time to work before the paste is used.

You will begin to feel a difference in the paste after an hour or so, but it is best left overnight in a sealed container away form any air exposure.

Once your paste is made and has been rolled out (thinly) you can then dust your Katy Sue Mould with cornflour.

Press your paste firmly into the mould and then gently release it from the mould! That’s it! You can then begin colouring or adding it straight to your cake or cupcakes.

To see just how easy it is to use, take a look at this video using the Katy Sue Happy Birthday Plaque Mould.

Katy Sue Mould Inspiration

Katy Sue Tutorial Inspiration
Katy Sue Cogs and Wheels Mould

Sarah Harris over on our Facebook Group shared her fabulous cake she made using the Katy Sue Cogs and Wheels Mould.

The beautiful blue colour can be achieved using the Sky Blue Pro Gel.

Katy Sue Tutorial Inspiration
Katy Sue Rococo Cupcake Mould

Making this really effective looking cupcake is so simple.

Simply use the Katy Sue Lace Rococo Mould and the Katy Sue Elegant Heart Mould.

You can then add a touch of shimmer using some of the Rainbow Dust Edible Silk Colours.

We used modelling chocolate to do this one. You can also stick to sugarpaste or even marzipan if that’s what you fancy!


Katy Sue Tutorial Inspiration
Katy Sue Afternoon Tea Mould

Create these lovely Afternoon Tea cupcakes using the Katy Sue Afternoon Tea Mould.

The Renshaw Pastel Green Sugarpaste is perfect for the Cupcake Top.

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