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Make Life Easier with Karen Davies Moulds

I am a big fan of the Karen Davies Moulds, they let you create such amazing and beautiful designs with such little effort!

There are a whole host of moulds to choose from and they are all made from silicone which means your designs are easy to remove from the mould.

Using Karen Davies Moulds

To see how easy they are to use watch this quick video on using the Large Rose Mould


See how simple it was to create such a stunning design. You can then go on to add your finishing touches with Blossoms, Lustres, Edible Silks, to create beautiful designs.

Karen Davies Moulds Cake Inspiration

Karen Davies Rustic Mould Cake

This cute little cake has been made using the Karen Davies Rustic Birch Mould. The Rustic Birch Mould would also be great for using as a covered base tier on your naked cakes.

Karen Davies Succulent Mould

Try using the Karen Davies Succulent Flower Set Mould. You can create beautiful cakes like this one. You can even use the designs on cupcakes and cookies. Perfect for any budding gardeners, retirement cakes and Mother’s and Father’s Day cakes alike.

Karen Davies Three Roses

This stylish and elegant topper has been created using the Karen Davies Three Rose Cupcake Topper Mould. These would be perfect for a Bridal Shower, Birthday Cake or even Wedding Cupcakes.

For more Karen Davies Blogs check out these links below.

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