How to colour chocolate!

This is something we get asked quite a lot….’what product can i use to colour chocolate?’. Below I will guide you on how to colour your chocolate the easy way.

What should I use?

To colour chocolate you need an oil based colour, otherwise your product may split and nobody wants that!

Here at Party Animal Online we stock a fabulous product by Squire’s Kitchen. The product is called ‘COCOL’

Cocol is made from coloured cocoa butter specifically designed to add dramatic and vibrant colour to your chocolate products. It is available in 2 sets, warm tones and cool tones.

Warm tones Set – Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Gold

Cool Tones Set – Green, Purple, Blue, Silver and White

These are available in sets only and come in 5 x 15g pots

Cocol colour sets, warm and cool tones

How To Use

Cocol is versatile and easy to use and works best when used with white chocolate.

Simply heat them in a microwave to melt the colours then shake or stir before use. Then brush the Cocol over a chocolate mould or mix into tempered white chocolate for an easy way to add a dramatic touch.

You could also try painting messages onto chocolate with a fine paintbrush or for a contemporary effect ‘spatter’ the colour over milk or dark chocolate.

What do the reviews say?

Colours that Last – I have used Squires Kitchen colours for a while now. They are ‘stronger’ than others that I have tried, because of only using a little colouring it means that it does not affect the taste. I also like that they have true colour affect and that you do not need to keep adding and adding to get the right colour – By Deborah Mackenzie

So happy – Love these colours so easy to work with highly recommend – By Michelle H


Alternative ways to colour chocolate

If you are looking for a cheaper way to colour chocolate, you could also add powder to colour your chocolate.

We recommend the Sugarflair Blossom range or Rainbow Dust Powder colours.

Powder doesn’t contain any water so it blends well with chocolate without the risk of it congealing.

You may find that you need to thin your chocolate down further when adding extra powder colour, this can be done by adding a small amount of cocoa butter or vegetable oil.

NEVER loosen chocolate by adding water, it will turn your lovely smooth chocolate into a horrible icky-sticky paste!

Sugarflair blossom setRainbow Dust powder colours

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