Horsin’ around

I love making cupcakes, but secretly dread attempting anything larger.
However, with my daughters 7th birthday fast approaching and a wide-eyed, sad-faced plea for a ‘Horsey cake’ I knew it was time to face my fear. How hard could it be?
I decided to make a horse’s head cake [cue ‘Godfather’ jokes!] and decorate it to look like the horse Charlotte rides at the stables, Chloe.
I rented a tin from my local cake shop [which just so happens to be Party Animal in Lytham St-Annes!]

Vanilla Sponge batter
500g Milk Chocolate Regalice
50g White Chocolate Regalice
50g Lime Green Regalice

1 tube of ready-mixed chocolate icing (available from most supermarkets)

Horse’s head cake tin
Cake Board
PME non-stick rolling pin
Palette knife
Windsor Clikstix ‘Groovy Upper’
Stork Margarine [for greasing the tin]

Optional extras;
Sweets for decoration
A willing slave on hand to make brews =)
Cake box – for transportation

Make up your Vanilla Sponge batter – if you don’t have a method that you love for this, try ours HERE!
Grease up your cake tin, I like using Stork for this – my Gran is a totally old-school cake decorator – and she swears by it! Use more rather than less as you definitely do not want this to stick!!
Pop your cake into the oven, the times will vary according to your batter and also your cake tin, so if you are unsure just keep your eye on the cake through the oven door. You can test it by inserting a clean skewer or knife – if it comes out clean, you are Good to Go!!
When your cake is cooked, take it out and wait about 10/15 mins before turning it out, as it can break if you try to turn it out when it is too hot – but, of course, if you allow it to cool – it is far more likely to stick to the tin.
When I turned my cake out, I did have a couple of parts that were stuck to the tin – I ‘glued’ them back onto my cake with buttercream using the cake tin as my guide to make sure I stuck them on the right way round!
At this point you can slice the cake and fill it with jam/cream/buttercream/peanut butter/whatever you fancy!
I decided not to push my luck and just get it covered! I smeared buttercream onto the cake so the icing would stick and the cake would taste as yummy as possible!
Now it’s time to roll out your icing. I decided to use the Milk Chocolate regalice, as it is a lovely silky shade of Brown (just like Chloe) and it also tastes absolutely lovely!
Measure your cake across its largest points, either with a tape measure or guesstimate using your rolling pin as a guide.
Place the rolled-out icing carefully onto your cake and then begin gently smoothing it into all the dips and peaks on the cake, created by the tin. This bit is great, you really start to see your cake take shape!!
I used a small amount of White Chocolate Regalice, as Chloe has a white stripe down the front of her face and I used Lime Green Regalice to make a bridle and also to write Charlotte’s name, and I found that the colours looked brilliant together!
I used the Groovy Upper Clikstix from Windsor to cut out the name for the cake, this comes with an ejector, so I do find it much easier to use than some of the others!

I then arranged her name onto the cake and then secured it with a little water – and I was all DONE! 🙂

I used a tube of Ready-mixed Chocolate icing to add some detail to Chloe’s mane but you could, of course, mix your own and pipe it on 🙂


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