Gingerbread Christmas Cake Tutorial

Here’s our Gingerbread Christmas Cake Tutorial courtesy of FMM Sugarcraft and their fabulous cutters.

If you would like to print this off you can download the printable PDF here.

Equipment Required

Much of this equipment you may already have but just in case I have put in the links for ease.


On creating your gingerbread Christmas cake.
To make your own modelling paste, add a little tylo to the fondant. (Using Tylo Powder Guide)
Allow the modelling paste shapes to sit and firm up for a short time before attaching to the cake.
If the modelling paste is sticking to your tools or mat use the FMM Dab-a-Dust for dusting with either cornflour or icing sugar



For creating your Gingerbread Christmas Cake, roll out ginger modelling paste. Cut out 1 large gingerbread person. Make a face by attaching black sugar balls for eyes and using the large frilling tool to emboss a smile. Roll out green modelling paste and cut out a large bow, attach with water. Attach 3 white sugar balls in a line downwards below the green bow. See photo for reference. Place to one side and allow to dry for 24 hours.


Roll out ginger modelling paste.Cut out 2 small gingerbread people. Make a smile by using the small frilling tool. Roll out green modelling paste and cut out 2 small bows. Roll out red modelling paste and cut out a small red waistcoat and a small red dress. Attach the waist jacket with water to 1 of the small gingerbread people. Attach a green bow at the top of the waistcoat and attach 2 white sugar balls in a line downwards below the bow. Attach the red dress to the other gingerbread person and attach 3 white sugar balls in a line going down the dress. Attach the green bow to the head of the gingerbread person. See photo for reference. Note the small gingerbread people’s eyes will be added once they are completely dry.


Roll out white modelling paste. Using the FMM Cool Christmas tappit cut out lots of snowflakes. Allow 4 to dry completely and the others to dry off a little


Roll out white modelling paste. Using the FMM Gift Tag cutters cut out 2 large and 3 small gift tags. Attach the small gingerbread people to the large tags.

Roll out green modelling paste. Use the small decorating strip with the FMM Gift Tags to cut out 6 holly leaves. Attach 2 holly leaves with water to each of the small gift tags. Roll a small red ball of modelling paste to create a berry and attach with water above the holly leaves.


Roll out red modelling paste. Adjust the FMM Multi-ribbon tool to the smallest setting, do not use any of the plastic guides, position the wheels facing the 2 ridges inwards. Cut out 3 strips. Then adjust the tool to the next size up and cut 2 more strips, use the wheels facing just 1 ridge. Roll out more red modelling paste and cut 3 small and 3 large bows from the gift tag cutter decorating strip. Using the decorating strip that accompanies the FMM Gingerbread People set, roll out green modelling paste and cut 2 large and 3 small bows.


  • Attach a small gift tag with holly decoration approximately half-way down the cake. On each side attach a large gift tag decorated with a gingerbread person approximately three quarters of the way down the cake. Attach the remaining 2 gift tags decorated with holly each side of the large gift tags decorated with the gingerbread people approximately halfway down the cake.
  • Cut the thin strips of sugar ribbon with your FMM Knife and Scriber tool to the correct length and attach with water from the top of the small gift tags to the top of the cake. Repeat this process for the thicker strips going from the top of the cake to the large gift tags. Attach the large bows with water to the top of the large gift tag where the gift tag meets the ribbon. Repeat this process for the small bows.
  • Attach the gingerbread person on one leg on the top of the cake. Use a lolly stick to support it. Attach to the lolly stick with royal icing.
  • Cut some of the snowflakes in half using the knife and scriber tool and leave some whole. Attach them to the bottom of the cake with water to make a decorative border. Once the 4 snowflakes have dried completely attach 3 of them to the back of the gingerbread person with water. Cut 1 of the snowflakes in half and wet the end of each half with water. Once it is a little sticky stand them on top of the cake. Refer to the photograph for reference. Once the small gingerbread people are completely dry use the edible black pen to draw on eyes.

You can also make lovely cupcakes with the Gingerbread people cutters as shown below! Aqua Cupcake cases can be found HERE.

Gingerbread Christmas Cake

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