Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial

Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial

Here’s our Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial kindly put together by our guest blogger Charlotte Emily Cake Design.

Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • PME Sunflower/Gerbera Daisy Cutters
  • Daisy Centre Stamp (JEM) or Cone Tool
  • Flower Former (not shown)
  • Foam Pad
  • Edible Glue & Brush
  • Bone Tool
  • Craft Knife or similar
  • Rolling Pin
  • Icing Sugar/Cornflour
  • Flower Paste (I used pink and black here)

* I use the PME plunger cutters. I have shown all three sizes in the photo, but I only used the two smaller cutters for this flower.

You can find everything you will need for this tutorial in our Gerbera Sugar Flower Collection on the Party Animal Online Cake Supplies Shop.

Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial

Step 1: Get everything you need ready and organised from the list above.


Step 2: Begin by rolling the pink flower paste thinly and cut two of the medium size daisies, press down on the plunger to emboss the petals.


Step 3: Place onto the foam pad, and use the larger end of the bone tool to curl the petals. Start from the outside of the petal and bring the tool towards the centre.


Example of curling in process……


Example of first curled petal….


Step 4: Continue to curl all the petals on both flowers until all the petals have been curled.


Step 5: Place the first layer of petals into the flower former (dust the former with icing sugar first)


 Step 6: Apply a little edible glue to the centre of the first layer and add the second layer. Try to place so that the petals are off-set from the bottom layer.
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial9Step 7: I use a small palette knife to bring some of the petals towards the centre to give a more realistic looking flower.
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial10Step 8: Cut two more daisies using the smaller cutter.
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial11Step 9: Place onto the foam pad and curl as before, this time using the smaller end of the bone tool.
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial12Step 10: Attach third layer of petals to the centre with edible glue.
Step 11: Attach fourth layer of petals. Again, use the palette knife to move the petals into place.
Step 12: Cut a final daisy with the smaller cutter and cut each petal in half with a sharp knife (only go about 3/4 down each petal with the cut).
Step 13: Curl each petal using the smaller end of the bone tool and pop to one side.
Step 14: Dust the daisy centre stamp with icing sugar and tap to remove excess.
Step 15: Press a small amount of black flower paste into the stamp and remove (I use my craft knife to remove from the stamp, just insert into the paste and gently ease out).
TIP: The stamped centre…..if you do not have a stamp you can make the centre by rolling a ball of flower paste and flattening slightly. Use the end of the cone tool (or similiar) to indent the paste all over.
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial19Step 16: Apply your final layer of petals to the centre of the flower with edible glue.
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial20Step 17: Attach the centre….
gerbera_sugar_flower_tutorial21Step 18: Apply a little edible glue to the sides of the black centre….
Step 19: Using a small palette knife, gently ease the petals towards the centre. You don’t want to stick them completely down, just curled round and almost ‘cupping’ the centre.
Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial
You’re all done! We hoped you liked this Gerbera Sugar Flower Tutorial.

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