Father’s Day Cake Inspiration- 5 Cakes and Cupcakes

Father’s Day Cake Inspiration- 5 Cakes and Cupcakes

5 Cakes and Cupcakes you’ll love. Father’s Day is fast approaching.

What better way to celebrate and show your dad how much you love him than with a delicious cake or cupcakes?!

Here are 5 Cakes and Cupcakes that will show your dad how much he means to you.

  1. These cute cupcakes from Bakingmad.com are perfect for your dad if he loves to rock a funky tie for work. Use Sugarflair Melon, Christmas Red and Ice Blue or even add your polka dots using the Choco Writers.Father's Day Cupcakes Tie
  2. If your dad is a bit of a handyman then these cupcakes from Mrs Bakers Cake School would be right up his street. There is even a great tutorial on how to create the wooden plank effect. You could even use the FMM Texture Wood, Tree, Bark and Brick Mats to achieve this effect. DIY Dad Father's Day Cake Cupcakes
  3. Feendish Delights created this brilliant Shed cake using the Patchwork Cutters Make A Shed Set. Great for if your dad uses his shed for DIY Projects, Gardening or even as a Man Cave!Shed Cake Father's Day Cake
  4. I just love these cute little Lawn Mower Cupcakes from The Joys Of Boys, there is a great tutorial on how to create them on there too. You can create perfect grass by using the JEM Grass Nozzle and Bright Green Pro Gel Colour. Check out our Grass Effect Blog for more details.Lawn Mower Cupcakes Father's Day Cake
  5. How about some tasty little Father’s Day cake pops like these from Pint Sized Baker. Check out our blog on how to create your own Cake Pops and then add on your moustaches using Rainbow Dust Black Pen.Father's Day Cake Pops

For more inspiration check out our Father’s Day Collection on our website and some of our other blog posts below.

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