Edible Stripy Bow Tutorial

Edible Stripy Bow Tutorial by Shereens Cakes and Bakes.

I had to share this simple yet incredibly creative Edible Stripy Bow Tutorial by our lovely guest blogger Shereen. For more of Shereens awesome tutorials visit her Facebook Page.


What you will need:

  • Sharp Knife
  • Rolling Pin
  • 2 colours of your choice modelling paste (250g sugar paste mixedw ith 1 tsp gum tragacanth, leave overnight in a bag to settle) or you can use just sugar paste, I prefer modelling paste.

Also try switching up the colours depending on the occasion, a red and white striped bow would look fab for Christmas!


Roll your colours into a sausage shape and then flatten/stretch a bit with your rolling pin about 5mm thick, can be thicker if you like, these were about 10cm long and 3cm wide, the wider and longer the bigger the bow – tip, try and work fast with your sugarpaste or modelling paste so it stays ‘warm’ and a little tacky so it sticks together and you don’t need glue.


Start layering 1 colour at a time.


Your stack of icing – make however many stripes you want and press down a little on it to make it all stick together.


Using your sharp knife, trim the edges, you can see the icing is pretty well stuck, if your icing is too dry this won’t work too well


Cut strips from your block, these should be about 5mm thick.


Roll it out with your rolling pin and trim the edges.


Bring your edges in and fold and pinch them in the middle and stick down trim off the excess between the bow to give you the bow shape.


Add some more stripy icing to the middle and glue it on – set aside to dry. This was a smallish bow so I didn’t need to add anything into the bows to get the shape. If your bow is bigger, just use some bubble wrap, kitchen paper towel or rolled cling film to place inside the bow to shape it.


To make the ribbons roll out more icing and cut in the middle and cut each edge at an angle.


Fold and pinch the straight sides.


Use some glue to layer and stick them on as pictured.

Edible Stripy Bow Tutorial

Add your bow to the middle and voilà you have a VERY big stripy bow with ribbons.

I love this Edible Stripy Bow Tutorial, a big thanks to Shereen for sharing this with us. We hope you enjoy giving it a go as much as we did!!


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