Edible Blood Recipe – Cake Decorating

Edible Blood Recipe for Cake Decorating

I’ve been looking around and there’s a lot of US recipes but I noticed there wasn’t too many UK recipes, so I thought I’d stick this one together for you.

UK edible blood recipe

I adore these cupcakes, they were originally created by Magnolia Bakery for the release of the series ‘Dexter’. They are great and incredibly gory for this years Halloween cakes! Whether you decide to recreate a similar design or just use the edible blood to add to your own gory Halloween cupcakes & cakes, we’ll leave that totally up to you.

Here’s a really easy edible blood recipe that will get you well on your way! This recipe is perfect for cake decorating and is 100% edible and safe to consume.

Edible Blood Recipe


Stir the glucose & water together, add the icing sugar and mix well, your consistency should be gorily gloopy!

Finally, add the red food colour with the touch of blue until you reach the depth of colour you require for homemade edible blood.

Up the quantity dependant on how much you want to make… whether it’s a few gory splatters on some cupcakes or you plan on drenching an entire edible brain cake in it!

For your red and blue food colouring we have recommended Sugarflair. This is highly concentrated food colour and rich in colour so a small amount will get you a long way.

Add the majority red with a teeny bit of blue and add a little extra blue if you’re after a dark blood colour!

This is fantastic for cakes and cupcakes and 100% edible to consume but be warned not to use it on clothes that you love, red food colouring is notoriously difficult to get out so only use it on clothes if you don’t want that shirt for another occasion 😉


Any US recipes asking for corn syrup: If you are based in the UK you can just use Glucose Syrup / Glucose Liquid instead, it’s the same thing!

Glucose Syrup Corn Syrup UK


You’ll probably also want to know how to create the edible glass too and we have now got our blog up!

Making Edible Glass – 2 Easy Methods

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  1. Thank you for that…..might give it a go for my ghoulish grandsons! Is glucose syrup the same as liquid glucose?

    Can’t wait for the edible glass, as I need to make some crushed ice for a cake very soon.

  2. Love this idea. I will definitely be putting in an order for the glucose syrup and I can’t wait to see how you have made the glass.
    Many thanks

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