Designs Using Mix-n-Match Face Cutter

Designs Using Mix-n-Match Face Cutter

Designs Using Mix-n-Match Face Cutters

We just had to do a post featuring the new Mix-n-Match Face Cutter by FMM Sugarcraft, as they’re just so versatile. FMM have a running theme with their cutters, which is just one of the many reasons we love them so much. The range is never a ‘one-trick’ tool, there is always a huge amount of ways in which you can utilise the cutters for so many different cake & cupcake designs.

Designs Using Mix-n-Match Faces

FMM Sugarcraft are now celebrating their 70th year in business and they have continued to stay relevant and up to date on all our favourite trends! Unicorns and Mermaids are just a few of our most popular trends we’ve seen this year.


I’m not sure if you are aware already but FMM Sugarcraft offer a lifetime warranty. That applies to ALL of their cutters so you can buy with confidence!


Design Ideas

We have collected a few of the FMM Sugarcraft video tutorials of our favourite design and put them all in one place for you so you can give them a go yourself.

The super cute Lion:


The super cute Unicorn:


The super cute fish:


Instructions and Tips for Use

For best results FMM recommend using flower or modelling paste when making designs using mix-n-match face cutter.


With all those fabulous tutorials what supper cute faces will you make with these awesome new cutters??

We have the cutters available direct on our shop.

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