Designs using Large Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter

FMM Large Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter

Large Face Cake DesingLarge Crab Face Cake Design

Because we have wrote a post featuring the small Mix ‘n’ Match face cutters, we felt it only necessary to show you what cake designs you can do with the ‘Large Mix ‘n’ Match face’ cutters!

The Mix ‘n’ Match Large face cutter is a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ cutter.

It is designed to make an endless variety of novelty and animal faces.

For instance, a huge selection can be created to decorate your celebration cakes.

Unicorn Large Face Cake Design

Cake Design Ideas

Check out the informative video below.

We have selected one of the FMM tutorial videos.

To show you for instance, just what cake designs you can make with this versatile cutter and how is best to use it.

Instructions and Tips for use

You can use sugar paste and fondant with this cutter for your large face cake design.

For best results I would recommend using modelling paste.

There’s even more blogs we have put together that might just get those creative juices flowing.

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Designs Using Mix-n-Match Face Cutter


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