Cream ProGel Food Colour Chart

Cream ProGel Food Colour Chart


Yesterday our lovely customer Gill requested a colour chart for Creams in the ProGel Range by Rainbow Dust so I put together this quick example of our cream coloured food colourings. Pro Gel Food Colour is a high quality food colour that requires very little to create beautiful vibrant colours meaning your sugarpaste doesn’t go sticky and flavour is not effected.

I love cream colours, they are beautiful colours to use in Weddings & Christenings but also great for Vintage themes and Teddy Bears. You can’t really go wrong with them and they are a must for any cake decorators collection. From my examples I would start with Caramel & Chestnut as you can see in the pictures there are many shades and depth of colour you can achieve with just one colour.


Mixing Colours: I always start by mixing one piece of Sugarpaste to the darkest colour I can achieve with that specific shade. This allows you to measure and weigh your quantities against the amount of white sugarpaste you add to it allowing you to re-create a colour easily with easy maths.

For example: If you use 1 part dark colour to 4 parts white you can up the size easily but achieve exactly the same colour for colouring cakes. If you colour too much sugarpaste don’t throw it away, seal it in a airtight zip bag and keep it in a Tupperware box it will keep to the best before of the sugarpaste or you can also freeze it to add an extra 6 months of life to it!

Why Not Pin It!
Why Not Pin It!

I love the Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours and I am really pleased to say we stock the entire range on our website as well as discounted sets.

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  1. Im the same as Andria.i use butter icing and i struggle so much to get the dark shade especiak reds burgendys etc.i litterly used 1 tube last week practicing and it didnt look how i wanted.
    Are you suppose to mix different colours to achieve what you need?

  2. I love these colour charts as I am currently trying to decide which range to go for in order to get the most vibrant shades, so far I am thinking the Rainbow dust progels are winning. 🙂 I use buttercream more than anything though, do you do charts using buttercream? It would be nice to see a chart showing the vibrancy of those hard to achieve colours such as royal blue, bright red, rich purple and black when applied to a real butter buttercream.

    1. Hi Andria, that’s a great idea, at the moment all our charts are done using white sugarpaste but we will certainly look in to bringing you some more with buttercream very soon! Thanks for the input 🙂

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