Carnival Cakes

Carnival Cakes – creating the perfect lettering for them.

Carnival Tappits

We areĀ  pleased to see a brand new, gorgeous letter set from FMM Sugarcraft, called the Carnival Tappit Set.

They have just arrived in stock!


Using Tappits

Tappits are fantastic and come in a range of different fonts.

To learn how to use your tappits we highly recommend this read from She Who Bakes.

Using Tappits - She Who Bakes

FMM Sugarcraft is a leading manufacturer for cake decorating equipment.

They create fantastic new versatile cutters for the world of cake!

All FMM Sugarcraft products boast a lifetime warranty and we stock the full range at our cake supplies shop online.
FMM Tappits - Carnival Upper Case

Carousel Cakes

The example cake above has the Carnival Tappits used for the lettering and the FMM Unicorn Cutter for the carousel.

What a great idea and I love the thought of using unicorns instead. Unicorns are so popular and they aren’t going away any time soon.

Renshaw sugarpaste was used to create the sugarpaste finish on this Carnival Cake.

We recommend using modelling paste or flower paste when using Tappit cutters for the best results.

Carnival Tappits Example from FMM Sugarcraft

Top Tips

  • Always use modelling paste or flower paste with tappits for easy release.
  • Once you’ve rolled your paste out. Leave it to stand for 5 minutes before cutting your letters.
  • Roll your paste thin, only about 1-2mm for easier release.

Check out this video tutorial on how to use the Carnvial Tappits by Fancy Cakes by Linda.

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