Camera Cake Inspiration

Camera Cake Inspiration

Here’s everything you could want and need to get inspired to create a camera cake masterpiece.

We’ve found some fantastic Camera Cake Inspiration from some brilliant Cake Artist and even some helpful tutorials so you can give it a go yourself.

Don’t forget, International Photography Day falls on the Friday 19th August 2016, so what better way to celebrate than to mix photography with food!


  1. Vintage Camera Cake by Planeta de Acucar.


2. Gorgeous Camera Biscuits found on Pinterest.



3. Red Velvet Nikon Camera Cake by Fsumaria.nikon_cake

4. Nikon Camera Cake by Baked Cupcakery, Sunderland.


5. Film & Camera Cake by Design Cakes.

Camera Cake Inspiration

6. The Cannon Camera Cake by Kalid M Torres on Craftsy.

Camera Cake Inspiration

7. Camera Lens & Butterflies by Juliette Stallwood.
Camera Cake Inspiration

8. Insta-Ice Cream Camera Cake found on Pinterest.

Camera Cake Inspiration

9. Retro Camera Cake & Film by The Dessert Fork. Camera Cake Inspiration!

Camera Cake Inspiration

10. Miniature Camera Cupcake by Cakes & Cupcakes Mumbai.

Camera Cake Inspiration

11. Camera Cake Perspective found on Pinterest.

Camera Cake Inspiration


Here’s a couple of tutorials we stumbled across on Pinterest too… what a wonderful platform it is to find inspiration on. Camera Cakes require carving… try putting your cake in the freezer for half an hour before carving…it doesn’t crumble no way near as much!




Alternatively have a watch through some YouTube tutorials for free helpful cake tutorials, it’s amazing how much awesome content is out there from all around the world!

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