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Gum Trag, Tylo, CMC and other Sugarcraft Essentials

Sugarcraft Essentials for Cake Decorating


To start off, I wanted to tell you a little bit about some essential cake decorating products to get the most out of your products. You might think that something just has one use but you’d be surprised! It can get confusing what products for what and the difference between Gum Trag, CMC and Tylo when they are all reported to do the same thing. Well here’s a bit about each product and uses.

We’ve also included a recipe to make your own modelling paste at the bottom of the blog. Remember it is important to by brands that can be trusted like Culpitt, Sugarflair or

 What is available in this range & what is it used for?

Each of the following products have many different uses but I am aiming to give you a little insider info that you may not already know about these products.


Gum Tragacanth

‘Gum Trag’ is the same in many ways as Tylo for it’s uses but it is the more expensive version, this is because Gum Tragacanth is completely natural version of the gum derived from Middle Eastern legumes, it is odourless and tasteless.

Gum Trag is used to make homemade modelling and flower pastes and even edible glues. Gum trag will often give a firmer paste so works very well with making flower pastes.


Tylo Powder

It’s exactly the same thing as CMC but Tylose is used as a marketing name. CMC stands for Carboxymethyl cellulose. It works much like Gum Trag but it is the chemical version making it a much cheaper option. Other pro’s to this is it works much faster within the sugarpaste when added to make a homemade modelling paste.


Edible Glaze

This is fantastic for giving a really good edible shine to your confectioneries, sugarcraft models and sugar flowers. It dries clear and is easy to apply, it will give a high shine finish or wet look.


Dipping Solution

Many people also refer to this as Rejuvenator Liquid or it’s official name Isopropyl alcohol. Dipping solution has many different uses and is an essential addition to any cake decorators collection.

Dipping Solution is fantastic for hand painted cakes, simply add a few drops to your food colouring dusts, powders & pastes in a mixing pallet and it will create a paint that’s easy to apply and paint directly on to your cakes & figures with.

It may also be used for repairing mistakes on hand painting, cleaning & sterilising equipment and cleaning airbrushes in between colour changes!


Icing Whitener

Icing whitener can be used as it says for whitening icing and buttercream but you can also use this with a touch of dipping solution to paint the whites of eyes of figures in cake decorating.



Food grade glycerine is often used to soften icing, fondant, sugarpaste and modelling paste if it’s a bit tough. Other uses of glycerine are in baking, simply add half a teaspoon to your 12 cupcake mix or cake and you’ll be amazed how lovely and moist it makes your cakes!

The full range is available > HERE


Home made Modelling Paste Recipe:

It’s super easy to make your own modelling paste, with these simple steps.


250g of Sugarpaste

1 tps of Tylo, CMC or Gum Trag

  • Simply mix the powder in to the sugarpaste well.
  • Once fully mixed wrap your paste and cover very well, it needs to be airtight.
  • For Gum Trag: Wait 24 hours before using & then you are ready to go.
  • For CMC or Tylo: Wait 6 hours before using.
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