Cake Decorating Grass Effect

Cake Decorating – Grass Effect

Cake Decorating Grass Effect on Cupcakes

Creating a cake decorating grass effect on your cakes and cupcakes doesn’t have to be difficult. The secret costs less than a couple of quid!

What you will need

All you need is green buttercream and an awesome easy to use piping tube.



Grass Effect Piping TubeProgel Bright Green Perfect For Grass Colour

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Step 1: Whip up your buttercream as normal. You can also try a Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe for a more savoury flavour.

Step 2: Add some food colouring to the frosting, we highly recommend the Rainbow Dust Progel food colours, they create vibrant colour with the tiniest amount! Rainbow Dust have a bright green that’s great for grass.

Step 3: Add your JEM 233 piping tube to your piping bag and fill with your frosting.

You’re away! For more detailsĀ on technique on creating the cake decorating grass effect watch this easy to follow tutorial.

You can also use this technique with browns and creams to create a fur effect.

Feel free to comment below and let us know if you have tried out this technique and what your favourite colours are to use.

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