Brushstroke Cakes

Brushstroke Cakes

I am loving the new trend of Brushstroke Cakes at the moment, they look seriously impressive and they are so simple to create! They work great for a variety of cakes including Wedding Cakes.

Brushstroke Wedding Cake
Unicorn Brushstroke Cake
quincy.lane on Instragram

If you are a fan of Instagram, first of all, give us a follow, and then head over to kalabasa for some serious Brushstroke Cake Inspiration.

Brushstroke CupCake

There are some great tutorials out there on how to create your very own brushstroke cake like the ones below. The basics you will need are;


For the basics on how to create a brushstroke cake this blog from is perfect.

Brushstroke Cake Tutorial

There is also this great video on creating brushstroke cake pops.

Add Some Sparkle

Once you’ve create your brush strokes and they have totally dried, you can add some sparkle using our metallic edible dusts. Simply dry dust them on top to give a gorgeous metallic finish! They coat candle melts and chocolate particularly well!


Rainbow Dust Copper Glow

Leftover Candy Melts?

Why not have a look at some of our other blogs using Candy Melts/Buttons;

Check out this great tutorial on Making a Drip Cake

This tutorial is great for when you don’t want to make a standard cupcake but you want to make  a Giant Cupcake

It is never too early to start planning on making Halloween Monster Cake Pops

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