Bløtkake – Traditional Norwegian cake

Bløtkake – Traditional Norwegian cake

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Today it’s the 17th of May which Norwegians celebrate because it marks the day we got our own constitution and we became a free kingdom.

The 17th of May is celebrated with great parades in all towns and cities and it’s marked as a bank holiday in our calendar, but most importantly it’s celebrated with the cake that all Norwegians know and love, the Bløtkake.

Norwegian baking has a lot of similarities to British baking but I have yet to find a cake like our bløtkake.

‘Bløtkake translates to moist cake’

This cake is a little piece of home! On this version of the cake all the ingredients are 100% vegan 🙂

Bløtkake - Traditional Norwegian cake

So What Is Bløtkake?

Bløtkake is kind of like a Victorian sponge cake taken to the next level as they share the vanilla sponge and the whipped cream as a base. However the Bløtkake – Traditional Norwegian Cake is covered with whipped cream and often decorated with berries and piped whipped cream. Another variety is to cover the cake with marzipan and pipe on beautiful floral decoration using piping gel.

Vegan Cake Recipe

I opted for the most traditional variety which is the soft vanilla sponge and whipped cream for decoration and filling. First and foremost this is the blog where I got the recipe for the vanilla sponge and I highly recommend trying out this recipe by Sweetie Darlings, as it tastes delicious!

This sponge is absolutely amazing! It’s so soft and it soaks up the moisture from the whipped cream so well. I decided to marble the sponge to reflect the Norwegian flag, which incidentally has the same colours as the British flag, so this would be perfect for celebrating British holidays and events as well!

I separated a bit of the batter from the main batch to add the different colours to them.

Food Colour Used


I added some extra white to my main Bløtkake – Traditional Norwegian Cake batter but to be honest it didn’t affect the colour too much so this wouldn’t be a necessity. I stirred the batter using a wooden skewer and tried to make sure to get the colours all the way down to the bottom of the tin as well.

An important note is that I split my batter into 2 10 inch round tins so the baking time was halved because of this. 15-20 minutes in the oven should be enough, check with a wooden cocktail stick to make sure that the sponge is completely done.

Since this is a very soft sponge it will crumble very easily if you try to split it with a knife. I highly recommend splitting the batter before you bake the sponge to avoid a very crumbly sponge that will most likely fall apart!

Bløtkake - Traditional Norwegian cake

For the whipped cream filling I went with a home made raspberry and strawberry jam which was absolutely delicious! Any kind of berries can be used for the filling but strawberry is the most commonly used.

Vegan Whipped Cream

With this being a vegan cake I used a soy based substitute for the whipped cream, you can buy this from The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

If you’re local to Blackpool then you can get an equivalent of this whipped cream from Faringos vegan supermarket!

TOP TIP: If you’re not keen on bits of fruit in your cake you can substitute the fruit using some of our gorgeous berry flavoured beau products!

Vegan whipped cream is a bit softer than cow milk based whipped cream so I made sure to put the cream in the fridge before I used it so it could stiffen up a bit.

Once I had covered the outside of the cake with a thin layer of cream I put it back in the fridge to settle before i started to decorate the cake.

I went with blueberries and strawberries for the decorations. Make sure that you let the berries rest on kitchen towels after cutting them to get rid of excess water which can make the whipped cream runny!

Bløtkake - Traditional Norwegian cake

Once the cake had been decorated on top, feel free to pipe on extra whipped cream for more decoration. You can also dye the whipped cream on the Bløtkake – Traditional Norwegian Cake itself and pipe out flowers in different colours!

Why not trying making an English Flag for a summer BBQ too!?

Bløtkake - Traditional Norwegian cake


I was well chuffed with this cake as it came out so moist and soft, just like the original non-vegan version of it. I highly recommend the Pro gels from Rainbow Dust as they coloured the batter beautifully well!

It’s so fun to try out new techniques on good old traditional recipes to breathe new life into them.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Norway. I hope to try and tackle some of the British classics going forward as well as meringues.

I’ve been dying to try out some more of the Beau flavourings we sell and I think they would be absolutely gorgeous in meringues!

Until then, Gratulerer med dagen (Happy birthday) to all my fellow UK residing Norwegians!

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