Alternative Wedding Cake Design

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

We have done a few blogs on the current trends with Wedding Cakes such as the Chalkboard Cakes so I thought it would be a little different to look at Alternative Wedding Cake Inspiration. Let me tell you, there are some awesome alternative cakes!

Hanging Wedding Cakes

This first one has me a little on edge if I am being completely honest! I mean it looks absolutely amazing and beautiful, but I would be walking around with my fingers crossed the entire Wedding! I think this would work really well using the Hydrangea Mould if you like to live life on the edge!

Alternative Hanging Wedding Cake - Alternative Wedding Cake
Image courtesy Dmitry Shumanev Production

Cupcake Bouquet

So this one is a serious money saver! How about decorating your venue with Bouquets. Not Floral Bouquets…but Cupcake Bouquets! That way your venue is decorated and your guests can eat Wedding Cupcakes after! Use the Karen Davies Buttercream Flowers Mould to create beautiful flowers in no time at all.


Cupcake Bouquet - Alternative Wedding Cake
Image Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

Oreo Tower

We are all big fans of Oreo’s here at Party Animal Online, so I immediately fell in love with this idea of an Oreo Stack Wedding ‘Cake’. Scrape the cream from the centre of each Oreo. Add in some Pro Gel Colouring, before mushing back together. Creating the perfect colour co-ordinating Oreo to match your Wedding theme!

Oreo Cake Tower - Alternative Wedding Cake
Picture Courtesy of Minnesota Bride

Doughnut Wedding Cake

I love this idea of stacking up doughnuts and after the cutting of the ‘doughnut,’ your guests can help themselves. Colour the doughnut icing with your favourite food colouring and throw on some sprinkles for that cake with a difference!

Doughnut Wedding Cake Tower - Alternative Wedding Cake
Image Courtesy of Spark Photography

Cake Pop Wedding Cake

The final Alternative Wedding Cake design is to have a stack of Bride & Groom Cake Pops! They look super cute, they are super tasty and your guests would love to take one home. You can get all your Chocolate Melts here as well as your Cake Pop Sticks and Bags here. There is also a great little tutorial from niner bakes to help you along.

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Pops - alternative wedding cake
Picture Courtesy of niner bakes

That concludes our Wedding Cake Alternative Designs, that can fit in with your theme, as well as ensuring you stick to your Wedding Budget.


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