Making Adorable Baby Toppers

Making Adorable Baby Toppers

Writing this blog seems very apt at the moment, since this is my final week at Party Animal Online HQ before I finish on maternity leave. Currently 37 weeks pregnant with a little wriggly girl whom is due on 17th July 2017.

These tappits are perfect for attaching to your cakes or cupcakes, as in this blog. They are also perfect for so many occasions such as; new baby, baby showers, baby naming, Christening and Baptisms to name a few.

The Adorable Baby Tappit Set features four super cute baby themed cutters such as;

Baby in Pram (57mm x 51mm)

Stork (60mm x 40mm)

Baby (55mm x 41mm)

and Baby in blanket (41mm x 42mm)

Adorable Baby Toppers

Tools and Equipment

FMM Adorable Baby Cutters

FMM Dab-a-dust

Tylo Powder

Non-Stick Rolling Pin

H20 Pen

Edible Glue

Bow/Scallop Cutter (Optional)

Sugarpaste (Pre- Coloured) or White Sugarpaste and a range of Gel Colours

Edible Ink Black Pen

Adorable Baby Toppers

How to make

First you will need to make your modelling paste. You can purchase ready made modelling paste. Making your own allows you to customise the colours and shades you use for your toppers. To make your own, have a look at our blog here for a recipe and tutorial.

On a dusted work surface roll out your Modelling Paste very thinly (approximately 2mm) and allow to dry out a little. Allowing the paste to dry out a little helps to ensure that the modelling paste does not stick to the tappit.

Cut out a scalloped shape, using the FMM Bow/Scallop Cutter and leave this to firm up. Next you will need to cut out your Adorable Baby shapes, to do this place the cutter on your rolled out modelling paste and apply firm pressure to the tappit and almost ‘scrub’ the work surface (move the cutter from side to side over the surface) to help produce a clean cut.

Remove the excess paste from around the cutter and then turn the cutter over (keeping hold of the paste to the cutter). Next, run your finger across the shape whilst the paste is still in the tappit, this will ensure that the paste is properly embossed.

Turn the tappit over and then tap on the surface, the motif should pop/drop out. If a little of the paste sticks in the cutter, gently push it out with a dry brush.

If you wish you can then cut out sections of the cutter in a different colour to add some depth and colour to the motif. Using the Edible Ink Black pen apply further details to the motif such as two dots for the eyes.

Apply the cut out sections to the motif using edible glue and then apply the motif to the scalloped edge circle (if using) again with the edible glue to create your adorable baby toppers.

Making Adorable Baby Toppers

FMM have produced a great video tutorial on using the Adorable Baby Tappits here.

Leave a comment below and tell us why you love the FMM Adorable Baby Cutters.


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