A colourful range of Rainbow Pens!

Rainbow Dust Edible Pens

Are you constantly making models or characters, have them looking good and then comes the fiddly, intricate small detail part that you dread?

If this sounds familiar, then this is the blog for you!

We are proud to stock the new and improved range of Rainbow Dust double-ended edible pens in a range of fabulous colours. The double ended pen has a thick and thin end allowing you to create what you require, for example fine, intricate detailing, to bold colour strokes!

One side of the pen has a 2.5mm nib, similar to a felt tip pen and the other side has a 0.5mm nib for fine writing. 100% edible ink and quick drying, it is hard not to love these pens!

Available on our website as individual pens or you can purchase the whole set!

Rainbow Dust edible pen set

Why Rainbow Dust edible food-art pens?

  • Perfect for drawing on cakes, sugar paste or rice paper
  • Suitable for beginners through to experts
  • 100% edible ink
  • Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
  • 2 ended design, fine and chunky nibs on one pen
  • Each pen comes in a hygienic, sealed pack for peace of mind

Instructions and tips on using the pens

We think these pens are a great addition for any cake decorator to have in their tool box. For instance, if your piping technique leaves something to be desired using this great food colour pen makes writing an inscription so quick and easy too! Simply trace your inscription with your food colour pen onto your cake and then you have guidelines to pipe over.

Firstly, it is important to let your sugar paste dry before using these pens. We recommend leaving your sugar paste 24 hours to give the best results.

Secondly, after use, ensure that the pen lid is on firmly as to avoid them drying out.

Try making plaques or cake toppers from modelling paste, this dries hard so your pens won’t sink into the icing, great for the kids to have a play with!

Check out the amazing video below for ideas on how to use the pens:



What do the reviews say?

Excellent purchase! Very happy with purchase. Thank you! – By Danute V.

Great product. Worked great and has a nice fine point which is not easy to find in our local stores. Will order again! -By Cindy R.

Best Pens Ever! I have bought 5 of these pens now, and absolutely love them. Having the dual tip is so nice! Thank you! – By Brenda S.


In conclusion these pens are a must for your cake decorating tool box. We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog.

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