6 Fun Idea’s Using Edible Pens

6 Fun Idea’s Using Edible Pens

There’s more than meets the eye to the fantastic, highly rated, Rainbow Dust Edible Pens…you simply don’t just have to stick to cakes.

In this blog I’m going to share with you 6 awesome idea’s using edible pens, things to know about them, top tips for using them and also what they won’t work on so you won’t being disappointed. First of all… the fun part!

Edible Pens by Rainbow Dust

Idea 1: Sugarcraft Toppers for Cakes

This is a really nice simple idea that allows you to add details to simple sugar toppers without the hard work of piping lots of little dots with lots of royal icing in different colours. Effective & fun!

This example was done using the Double Ended Edible Pens by Rainbow Dust.


Idea 2: Cupcake Toppers

Adding simple edible pen detail to cupcake toppers. Cute for even the smallest tasks like smiley faces on sugarpaste sunshines. You can see Victoria Threaders full tutorial on making these on our blog ‘SUNSHINE CUPCAKES’ if you fancy giving them a go.


Idea 3: Mini Plaque Cookie Edging

The simple outline that SweetAmbs has used on these cute mini plaque cookies look fabulous and really add no time at all to the design. SweetAmbs full tutorial on how to make these cute cookies is available on her BLOG.


Idea 4: Easy Wood Grain Effects 

I love these cool, colourful deck chairs by one of our favourite cookie artists Mike at Semi-Sweet, what a fun idea it is to add the detail to these summer chairs. Here’s the full TUTORIAL to give this cookie design a go.


Idea 5: The Healthy Option

Write notes to love ones on their banana’s…I’ve tried this and it’s so much fun and never fails to get a big smile! Of course it is the healthy option in the mix!

edible pens

Idea 6: Outlining

I stumbled upon this blog at Mamamayer Bakery which has some cool designs done using edible pens and the one above was just one of them. It got me thinking that the outlining is a great idea to add a watercolour style background to as shown in the picture.

You could also draw the designs them keep the kids quiet for an afternoon by giving them edible colourful pens to colour them in! A great family gift for Christmas.

Top Tips

Store your pens well, keep the lids covered and store them upright in a tall glass wherever possible.

If they dry out, dab the end in rejuvenator liquid or clear alcohol to bring them back to life.

Wait until your icing is set, leave cakes over night for the icing to harden slightly, this stops the pens from bleeding in to the icing.


  • Write on cute faces on fruit
  • Scribble funny faces on eggs
  • Draw on Icing, Sugarpaste, Fondant, Marzipan, dry Royal Icing


The new formulation by Rainbow Dust now allows you to write effectively on chocolate, modelling chocolate and candy melts too!

Updated April 2017.

See our full collection of Edible Pens on our website.

Edible Pens

Things to Know

  • They are 100% Edible
  • They are Vegetarian Friendly
  • They have to nibs..one thick, one thin

Edible Pens by Rainbow Dust Ltd


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