Home is where the cake is!

The time has come for me to finally fly the nest from my parent’s house. After three hard years of saving both me and my partner Stephen, have managed to purchase our first home. Of course the way to celebrate is with some sweet delight! When researching ideas, it seems as though there is not just me who wants a sweet treat.

From the big Pink Cake Box

From Pink Cake Box


To the delicate (www.sweet-nothings.co.uk) ;


For alternatives to cakes, I am using the idea of making biscuits; these ones are perfect as our house has a lovely white picket fence as well! (bakeat350.blogspot.com)



I have a house shaped cookie cutter already and I shall also be using my new Sugarflair Pastel Colours  PME writing tube  and FMM piping bag

I have held off packing my baking stuff till the last minute so I may get creative this weekend and make some biscuits ready to keep us energised on moving day!



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