10 Fancy Flamingo Cakes

Check out these 10 Fancy Flamingo Cakes to flap about…

I love Flamingos and I know they aren’t brand new to the scene but you must admit they are adorable and staying very much on-trend! Vibrant colours, cute designs and interesting concepts for fancy flamingo cakes have been inspiring us: from clothes, bags and now on to cakes.

We’ve gone flamingo mad.

Here’s our Top 10 Fancy Flamingo Cakes that will inspire you to love Flamingos as much as we do. We couldn’t pick which one our favourites were as they are all fantastic so in no particular order….

Hand painted Flamingos

First off here’s The Frosted Petticoats Cake – Adorable and romantic. Try using Rainbow Dust Progels or Sugarflair Paste Food Colours watered down with a small amount of rejuvenator liquid or vodka to create an edible watercolour paint and get creative with your very own Flamingo designs. We adore this design.

Handpainted Flamingo Cake - Fancy Flamingo Cakes

Flamingo Drip Cake

Pastel perfection created by @deliciousbysara on Instagram – Bringing the magical unicorn together with a fancy Flamingo has got to be one our favourite combinations yet! You can create a lovely Drip Cake Finish with our tutorial.

Fancy Flamingo Cakes by @deliciousbysara

Vibrant Fancy Flamingos

This gorgeous cake was found on Pinterest by MyCakeSchool. I adore just how vibrant it is and that’s nice and easy to do with high quality colours like Sugarflair Paste Colours or Progel Food Colours. Try going for Pink & Ice Blue to achieve the vibrant colours used in this cake.

Vibrant Fancy Flamingo Cakes

Art Deco Flamingos

This beauty of a cake is by Erica O’Brien on The Cake Blog. These Flamingos have a fabulous Art Deco feel to them thanks to the gorgeous background design. It looks like Erica has used a stencil on this but you can also create a decoupage style by using Patchwork Cutters Picot Dots which would also work really nicely.

Erica Obrien Fancy Flamingo Cakes

Flamingo & Sparkle

Isn’t this pretty as punch?! This one has been designed and created by Sweet Artisan Cakes, gorgeous work as always! Add a bit of class with some gold edible paint and sequins. Oh and if you’ve ever wondered the technique to those gorgeous sharp edges here’s a great TUTORIAL.

Fancy Flamingo Cakes - Sweet Artisan Cakes

Flamingo Cupcakes

There’s absolutely no need to just stick to full size cakes. Our awesome fan Sarah Patterson shared these Flamingo Cuppies with us. We love the use of the Rose Leaf Cutter to create the flamingo’s feathers. What a cool idea!

Fancy Flamingo Cakes & Cupcakes by Sarah Patterson

Flamingo Brush Cakes

Brush Cakes are all the rage this year and are so easy to create, this stunning cake was made by Sunshine Parties where you can pick up your Flamingo Cake Topper. You can create the brush feathers using Candy Colour Melts and colour them with some edible pink blossom dust to create a lovely ombre effect.

Fancy Flamingo Cakes - Sunshine Parties

Flamingos & Pineapples

This has been made by the fabulous Van Goh Cakes. What a fabulous hand painted design! If you fancy creating a textured pineapple design on the top layer try our Karen Davies brand new Pineapple Mould, furthermore it works a treat.

Fancy Flamingo Cakes - Van Goh Cakes

Pink Hibiscus Flamingo Cake

Created by Bolo Em Branco from Portugal. This is such a delicate design with a serious floral WOW factor. A top tip to create a realistic finish is to use petal dust to dust leaves and flowers, it’s totally edible and adds depth of colour to your design.

Bolo Em Branco Fancy Flamingo Cakes

Swan to Flamingo

Last but not least, these cute Cupcakes created by Patchwork Cutters using their Swan Cutters. I love this idea to save money, why use your cutters for just one design if you don’t have too?!

Patchwork Cutters Fancy Flamingo Cakes

Check out this tutorial below and find out just how to create your fancy Flamingo cakes.

The perfect Flamingo Pink by Sugarflair is also available to buy on our cake supplies shop.

Flamingo Pink Food Colour Fancy Flamingo Cakes

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