Win a Full Set of ProGel Food Colours

Win a Full Set of ProGel Food Colours

We are proud to be giving away a full set of ProGel Food Colours.

Thanks to all our new likes on our Facebook page we wanted to say thank you by giving you something back.

ProGel Food Colours are a fantastic new specially formulated food colouring that is incredibly concentrated, completely edible and 100% bake stable meaning if it’s put under heat such as the baking process it will not lose any of it’s vibrancy.

ProGel Food Colour GiveAway
ProGel Food Colour GiveAway

What Can ProGel Food Colours Be Used On?

  • Marzipan
  • Buttercream
  • Sugarpaste
  • Modelling paste
  • Flower Paste
  • Modelling Chocolate
  • Or mix with Rejuvenator Liquid for Hand Painted Cakes
  • Cake Mix
  • Macaroon Mix

How Do I Use It?

Simply add a small amount in to your paste, cake mix or buttercream and mix well, a small amount of colour will transform your item quickly in to a beautiful colour.

If you want a darker shade add a little more and for lighter shades only add the teensiest bit… a little goes a really long way and with 25g per tube you’ll find it lasts and lasts! Another great thing about ProGels is they have super long dates on them just like the other quality brands such as Sugarflair. A good company will give you best befores of 3-6 years!

Top Benefits

  • Colour co-ordinated packaging makes these easy to find the colour required.
  • Long Best Before Dates
  • Highly Concentrated
  • A complimentary range to the wonderful Sugarflair Pastes

So How Do You Enter?

It’s easy, enter our COMPETITION HERE this competition has now ended, however keep an eye out on our blog for even more giveaways. Find out more about Rainbow Dust ProGel below.

Once your names in the hat you may well be one of the lucky winners and if you just can’t wait and want to try some of these fantastic colours out in the meantime. Pop over to our ProGel Collection Here.


Examples of ProGel Colours


rainbow_dust_progel_pink rainbow_dust_progel_iceblue


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Seriously Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe


This makes a fantastic dark and rich chocolate cake recipe which is firm enough
to cover with sugarpaste, ganache or poured chocolate but is moist and
delicious. We used this recipe at Party Animal for over 20 years when we
wanted an extra special and indulgent cake and handed down through the family – for a chocolate wedding cake for
example. It is not the cheapest recipe but then you wouldn’t expect something
as good as this to be cheap to make!

The recipe below is for an 8″ square / 9″ round cake approximately 3″ deep.

rich cholate cake recipe


  • 340g plain chocolate – I would recommend that you use the best chocolate available to get the best flavour
  • 340g Butter
  • 340g Caster Sugar
  • 300g Ground Almonds
  • 8 Eggs seperated
  • 130g Fine Brown Breadcrumbs
  • 50g Cocoa Powder
  • Large pinch of salt

Grease the tin and line with greaseproof paper which also needs to be greased

Cream together the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy – you are best to use
a electric mixer for this to get the right amount of air incorporated.

If you don’t have a mixer you will have to beat hard!

Break the chocolate in pieces and melt. The best method is to put it in a double
pan over some hot water. Do not overheat it. Stir the melted chocolate into the
sugar and butter mix.

Add the egg yolks, almonds, breadcrumbs and cocoa powder and beat well.

Whisk the egg whites with the salt until very stiff. Add half of the egg whites
to the cake mix and fold in. Then fold the remaining egg whites into the mix.

By adding the egg whites in 2 halves you retain more of the air. This is because the mix is softened by the first addition allowing you to fold in the rest without too much loss of aeration.

Pour mixture into the prepared tin and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees Celsius
for about 1 to 1¼ hours.

The cakes should be just firm to the touch when completely cooked.

Leave in the tin to cool slightly (about 10 to 15 mins). This allows the crumb to
firm slightly. Then turn out to cool thoroughly on a wire rack.

Once cool the cakes can be wrapped in greaseproof paper and foil and frozen until required.

rich chocolate cake recipe


The cakes can be covered with Sugarpaste, Ganache or chocolate. Personally I
prefer to use this recipe for cakes that are coated with chocolate.

A fruit glaze can be used to give added flavour and soften the crust of the cake
before coating (this will also act as glue if you are using sugarpaste).

I use apricot jam that has been boiled then add a few tablespoons of orange
liqueur to taste. Brush all over the surface of the cake. This can be done while
the cake is frozen to prevent crumbling.

Lightly whip some chocolate ganache til fluffy and spread around the top and
sides. This should be approximately 1cm thick but really that is up to you – taste
and cost are the concerns here! You can do this while the cake is still frozen.
Leave to defrost and set.

If you want to stack cakes together, place them on a thin board (the same size
as the cake) and stack before covering with the pouring chocolate.
Make up some more ganache, but this time do not whisk. Leave to cool slightly.
It should still be liquid but not hot.

Pour evenly over the cake (or stack of cakes) and leave to set. It should set firm and shiny. Make sure you do not leave
the cakes in a draught to cool as this can cause the chocolate to dull.

Once completely set decoration can be added to complete.

Win Sugarflair Glitter Paints & More! Give-Away

Hi everyone… bringing you some nice news today… as always!

We currently have a competition running to win a gorgeous set of Sugarflair Glitter Paints and a high quality chrome finish PME Cupcake stand and it’s open to all bakers Worldwide! This is thanks to all you lovely likers on Facebook getting us up to 9,000 fans and if you think this is a good prize, just you wait until we hit the 10,000!

Enter Here!
Enter Here!

I recently wrote a blog on using the Sugarflair Glitter Paints to decorate your Sugarcraft creation.

This competition is  open until 20th March so be sure to get your name in the hat by liking our Facebook page! Simple just Enter here!


Sugarflair Colour Chart – Greens – Perfect for foliage

Here’s our Green Sugarflair Colour Chart as promised, we will be releasing the downloadable PDF shortly but in the meantime you can always Pin it on Pinterest! All colours are available on our website and eBay store.

We are the biggest suppliers of Sugarflair and therefore offer over 4 year best before dates on these highly concentrated pots of food colour!

Sugarflair are perfect for Cake Decorating and Sugarcraft – for use in buttercream, icing, fondant, royal icing, mexican paste, flower paste, cake mix (bake stable) and loads more!

Would you like to see more Sugarflair colour charts from us?

All Colours are avialble on our website at fabulous prices! PartyAnimalOnline - the biggest supplier of Sugarflair.
All Colours are avialble on our website at fabulous prices! PartyAnimalOnline – the biggest supplier of Sugarflair.

Colour chart

Purple Food Colour Chart – That perfect purple.

Purple colour chart for colouring sugarpaste
Purple colour chart for colouring sugarpaste

Hi everyone, it’s Steph here and I’ve been busy again testing out the latest products from our range to make a purple food colour chart. We get asked a lot as a company about creating that perfect deep purple or “Cadbury’s Purple” as many refer to it. It’s actually a lot harder than we would all think!

Last week a had a little bit of free time so I put it to good use and gathered myself some of the very finest food colours that we stock. I used a range of Sugarflair and the new Rainbow Dust ProGels, both of which have 37 in their ranges but I used just 4 colours from Sugarflair and 3 matching colours from Rainbow Dust to experiment with.

Creating purple using ProGel colours
Creating purple using ProGel colours
Creating Purple using Sugarflair Colours
Creating Purple using Sugarflair Colours

The colours we tried and tested were:

Grape Violet Sugarflair Food Colouring by PartyAnimalOnline
Grape Violet Sugarflair Food Colouring by PartyAnimalOnline
Deep Purple Food Colouring by Sugarflair
Deep Purple Food Colouring by Sugarflair

I found the Deep Purple that little bit too blue on it’s own, it almost lost it’s vibrancy, I felt. We have had a few people say this when using deep purple colour. It’s lovely but be aware that it’s more of a purpley-blue than a bluey-purple if you get what I mean 😉

ProGel Colours by Rainbow Dust - Purple
ProGel Colours by Rainbow Dust – Purple

They all created fantastic shades of purples and there were pro’s and con’s to both brands. I would love to see Sugarflair add a colour swatch to their lids to make them easier to find in a collection, Rainbow Dust definitely have a more vibrant packaging style allowing you to find what you’re looking for easily.

I can’t help but feel with Sugarflair you get more value for money, the paste seems equally concentrated and although the packaging isn’t as pretty you definitely can scrape every last drop out of the Sugarflair tubs. ProGel on the other hand makes me feel as though a lot of the paste is lost at the end of the tube…never to be seen or used.

A top tip for this would be to cut the end off when you get to the last bit and scrape out the leftover food colour on the inside… I bet it would be a huge saving when using a lot of food colouring! It reminds me slightly of the SuperScrimpers programme on Channel 4 where they cut off the end of the toothpaste tube to make it last longer! A great money saving tip – Martin Lewis would be proud!

Anyway enough of all that…

Testing food colouring.
Testing food colouring.


Which was my personal favourite purple…

I have to say I was equally impressed with both brands although with Sugarflair being better value for money I would probably sway more towards them. The colours are both very vibrant and it was easy to achieve a range of shades of purple.

To create that perfect deep purple use a combo of the Grape Violet with the Deep Purple by Sugarflair. I found using the Deep Purple alone made the colour to blue and it needed brightening up. The mix of them both was the simplest way to achieve it. Rainbow Dust Pro-Gel Purple and Deep Purple would work equally as well. You can also use a mix of blue and pink to create similar purples, handy if you’ve already got them in your supplies.


Last but not least here’s the purple colour chart I’ve put together for you all listing what food colourings I used, remember all computer screens vary in how they depict colour but it will definitely point you in the right direction next time your customer asks you to create a purple themed cake and hopefully it will be a whole lot less daunting with this by your side!

Since creating this I have been asked for reds, oranges, blues and greens! Never fear, I plan to bring you the whole rainbow so be sure to sign up for notifications on our blog or join our Newsletter for the latest updates!

Purple colour chart for colouring sugarpaste
Purple colour chart for colouring sugarpaste


Happy Valentines Day – Here’s 10% Discount Code For PartyAnimalOnline

Just a quick one to say Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Thanks for continuing to follow our blog, I have loads of great stuff coming up!


10% Discount Code for PartyAnimalOnline & Win a Free Cupcake Stand
10% Discount Code for PartyAnimalOnline & Win a Free Cupcake Stand


For today I’m going to leave you with a very lovely 10% OFF absolutely everything on the website for all your cake decorating goodies as well as the chance to win this extremely elegant cupcake stand. All you need to do is place your order at some time today 14th February 2014 to be entered in to the draw!

10% Discount code: VAL140214

There’s no minimum spend and you can use it as much as you like as long as it’s on the 14/2/14

PartyAnimalOnline Loves You!




Interview with Cake Pop Queen and her review on PME Candy Buttons

With our very own Cake Pop Queen Emma being sweet talked with chocolate , I have taken the opportunity to have a short interview with her!

Q- Hi Emma, can you tell me five reasons why you like making cake pops?

A- I like using different colours of Candy Buttons. They are diet sized cakes…………as long as you only have one!! I like coming up with different designs for the cake pops, and I also like seeing peoples faces when they see the finished Cake Pops.

Q- What is one top tip when making Cake Pops?

A- Hmmmmm….. I would say don’t do it all in one day. Try and spread it out over 2 or 3 days. Make your cake and crumble on one day, then either wait a day or if you have time crumble the cake and make the cake balls. You definitely need to leave the balls overnight in the fridge and then spend the final day dipping the balls and decorating.

Q- What do you like about using the PME Candy Buttons compared to other brands?

A- They melt much more easily and they melt thinner as well, which means you need to use less. They have a range of colours, so you can make so many different designs without the need to worry about colouring the chocolate.

Q- Finally………….when are you making more Cake Pops for us (*Smile Sweetly*)?

A- Well……….. I am thinking at Christmas I may make some!

YAY! The best thing is if you fancy making your own Cake Pops we currently have a great deal on eBay where they are BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!candy_button_melts_pme_variation