Mixing Sugarflair Food Colours

Mixing Sugarflair Food Colours

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this one on Mixing Sugarflair Food Colours on our YouTube channel yet, it’s from about 3 years ago now but the concept remains solid! We get asked quite a lot about the shades and variations that can be produced with professional food colours. We used Sugarflair as our example brand as they are one of our best selling food colours alongside Rainbow Dust Pro-Gels.

There’s two really helpful videos we put together to show you how to get the most out of mixing sugarflair food colours to create a range of colours.

Mixing Sugarflair Paste Colours

You can do this with our Beginners Sugarflair Set!

Part 1: Mixing with Sugarflair Colours.

Part 2: Mixing with Sugarflair Colours.

We hope this helps!

Don’t forget we have loads of great discounts on Sugarflair Paste Colours all available on our online shop!


Edible Glitter Cupcakes

Edible Glitter Cupcakes and using glitters… It’s your…


All glitters used on these pictures are 100% edible and are by Rainbow Dust called Edible Glitters. Don’t get these mixed up with the other ranges, yes they aren’t quite as sparkly as non-toxic glitters but these are 100% edible and don’t require and removal before consumption so you can go wild with them!

Edible Glitter Cupcakes:


Edible Glitters were used on these cupcakes. Rainbow Dust have paired them with the ProGel food colours to match the shade to make them stand out even more! Simply make up your buttercream and add Rainbow Dust ProGel colours to it, mix in well until all the colour is even and vibrant then pipe as normal with your round piping tube, then simply sprinkle the matching coloured glitter on top and leave to set! You get a perfect set of rainbow, vibrant, glittery and completely fabulous cupcakes.

Why not try some other ideas with Rainbow Dust ProGel Food Colours and matching edible glitters..


Go all out and cover your whole cake in it!! To do this you will require edible glue to stick the glitter to the sugarpaste. Simply add a thin layer with a brush to the areas you would like to cover and sprinkle on top!


As I’m sure you’re all aware there has been quite a lot of controversy in the cake world over the past few years regarding edible glitters. Everyone has different opinions but here’s the facts in a brief summary to bring you up to date just in case you’ve missed the full story. A ll the pictures shown above have been made with 100% edible glitter which can be purchased > HERE

What Can I Use?

You can use either Food Contact Glitters or Edible Glitters, the basic difference is the Food Contact Glitters must be removed before consuming your tasty little cuppie! All that is required by you is to let your customers know to remove the glitter before eating and the easiest and fairest way for this to happen is not to cover your cupcakes in mountains of glitter but to add to some sugarpaste details that can easily be picked off.

Edible Glitters can be used and sprinkled on without need for warning of removal and you are free to add as much as you like. The truth is these glitters aren’t a sparkly and they never will be but if you want to be on the safe side this is the best way to go! Choose reputable brands and trusted names like Rainbow Dust who also have all their certificates available on their website to download.


  • Legally if you are selling your cakes you must let the customer know if you use anything that is not 100% edible on the cake.
  • Real edible glitter will never be as sparkly as the non- toxic range.
  • Edible items have a list of ingredients on them, if they don’t the chances are they are not edible.



Cream ProGel Food Colour Chart

Cream ProGel Food Colour Chart


Yesterday our lovely customer Gill requested a colour chart for Creams in the ProGel Range by Rainbow Dust so I put together this quick example of our cream coloured food colourings. Pro Gel Food Colour is a high quality food colour that requires very little to create beautiful vibrant colours meaning your sugarpaste doesn’t go sticky and flavour is not effected.

I love cream colours, they are beautiful colours to use in Weddings & Christenings but also great for Vintage themes and Teddy Bears. You can’t really go wrong with them and they are a must for any cake decorators collection. From my examples I would start with Caramel & Chestnut as you can see in the pictures there are many shades and depth of colour you can achieve with just one colour.


Mixing Colours: I always start by mixing one piece of Sugarpaste to the darkest colour I can achieve with that specific shade. This allows you to measure and weigh your quantities against the amount of white sugarpaste you add to it allowing you to re-create a colour easily with easy maths.

For example: If you use 1 part dark colour to 4 parts white you can up the size easily but achieve exactly the same colour for colouring cakes. If you colour too much sugarpaste don’t throw it away, seal it in a airtight zip bag and keep it in a Tupperware box it will keep to the best before of the sugarpaste or you can also freeze it to add an extra 6 months of life to it!

Why Not Pin It!
Why Not Pin It!

I love the Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours and I am really pleased to say we stock the entire range on our website as well as discounted sets.

For more Food Colour Charts See our Colour Chart Blog Category!


Orange Slice Sugarcraft Tutorial

The Orange Slice Sugarcraft Tutorial is absolutely perfect for those summer cupcakes!

I came across this tutorial some years ago and after much research I struggled to find the original creator but want to say hats off to them! I love it… you don’t have to stop with orange slices you can also make Lemons and Limes using the same concept!

Here’s the fabulous Orange Slice Tutorial

Orange Slice Sugarcraft Tutorial


When mixing your colours for Sugarpaste use high quality colours like Sugarflair Paste Colours. They are fabulous giving you a lovely vibrant colour with a very small amount, this also makes the sugarpaste much more manageable as it doesn’t become sticky and hard to handle like it does with cheap supermarket brands.

I’d recommend going with Sugarflair Melon Yellow and Tangerine for your yellow & orange. Sugarflair colours are 100% edible as well as being suitable for vegetarian diets.

SugarflairPasteMelonEbay                    Sugarflair Paste Tangerine Colour Chart

I must say this is one of my favourite little toppers, this allows you to make loads once cut in to slices and if you don’t use them all then all you need to do is store them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and you can use them for future cupcake toppers too. We recommend using them up until the best before on the packet of sugarpaste or modelling paste you have used to create them.

A lovely summery orange slice cupcake topper!



If you enjoyed this mini tutorial why not check out some more.



Colouring Modelling Chocolate

Colouring Modelling Chocolate

A regular question I get asked is “Which food colouring is best when colouring modelling chocolate?”

There’s only one thing for it! It’s time to experiment. I was really pleased and surprised with the results we found with this!

food colour chocolate modelling paste partyanimalonline
The food colourings used in today’s experiment

Hopefully it will help you guys out and answer some of the questions you have been unsure about and saves money with buying food colours that won’t work for what you want them to do.

All good experiments need a controlled variant. In this case we used Squires Kitchen White Cocoform Modelling Chocolate – this is the item that remains the same throughout the experiment making it as fair as possible.


Our Independent variable is the different types of food colour. For each 10g piece of modelling chocolate we added a small amount of different colouring to see how well it mixed, if it repelled, congealed or had any other strange effects.

What I Used


I used 10g of chocolate modelling paste and mixed in the food colouring to each by simply kneading it through the paste. I did the same for each piece and then left the modelling chocolate for 30 minutes to see if the colour remained well mixed and the paste didn’t have any strange effect stopping it being as pliable etc.

Success ALL ROUND!
Success ALL ROUND!


All three colours mixed extremely well in to the paste, they all changed to a nice deep colour and held the colour well. I didn’t notice a change in texture to the paste or hardness. The colour stayed mixed throughout the time and did not begin to seperate.

I was surprised at my finding as chocolate is oil based and 2 of these food colours are water based which makes them want to repel each other, this would mean that if using on plain melted chocolate both the gel and paste colours wouldn’t work but thanks to the stabiliser in modelling chocolate (often corn syrup) it allowed the colour to be mixed in well and stay mixed!

Another use for all of these ranges although please be aware that if your modelling chocolate is home-made and not the Squires Cocoform you may find your results vary slightly.


  • White Chocolate Modelling Paste + Sugarflair Blossom Powder = Successful Mix
  • White Chocolate Modelling Paste + Sugarflair Paste Colour = Successful Mix
  • White Chocolate Modelling Paste + Rainbow Dust ProGels = Successful Mix

These food colours have also been tried and tested over the years with the following media’s, with success!

  • Sugarpaste
  • Modelling Paste
  • Flower Paste
  • Marzipan
  • Pastillage
  • Royal Icing
  • Biscuit Mix
  • Cake Mix
  • Macaroon Mix

….and many, many more…

Dusting on to chocolate.
Dusting on to chocolate.

Sugarflair Blossom Dusts also dust on to chocolate extremely well, a great way to give your creations a more realistic finish.


If there’s one I haven’t listed feel free to ask in the comments below and if you enjoyed reading about our experiment why not ask us what you would like us to test next!

All products can be found at great prices on our website.

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Win a Full Set of ProGel Food Colours

Win a Full Set of ProGel Food Colours

We are proud to be giving away a full set of ProGel Food Colours.

Thanks to all our new likes on our Facebook page we wanted to say thank you by giving you something back.

ProGel Food Colours are a fantastic new specially formulated food colouring that is incredibly concentrated, completely edible and 100% bake stable meaning if it’s put under heat such as the baking process it will not lose any of it’s vibrancy.

ProGel Food Colour GiveAway
ProGel Food Colour GiveAway

What Can ProGel Food Colours Be Used On?

  • Marzipan
  • Buttercream
  • Sugarpaste
  • Modelling paste
  • Flower Paste
  • Modelling Chocolate
  • Or mix with Rejuvenator Liquid for Hand Painted Cakes
  • Cake Mix
  • Macaroon Mix

How Do I Use It?

Simply add a small amount in to your paste, cake mix or buttercream and mix well, a small amount of colour will transform your item quickly in to a beautiful colour.

If you want a darker shade add a little more and for lighter shades only add the teensiest bit… a little goes a really long way and with 25g per tube you’ll find it lasts and lasts! Another great thing about ProGels is they have super long dates on them just like the other quality brands such as Sugarflair. A good company will give you best befores of 3-6 years!

Top Benefits

  • Colour co-ordinated packaging makes these easy to find the colour required.
  • Long Best Before Dates
  • Highly Concentrated
  • A complimentary range to the wonderful Sugarflair Pastes

So How Do You Enter?

It’s easy, enter our COMPETITION HERE this competition has now ended, however keep an eye out on our blog for even more giveaways. Find out more about Rainbow Dust ProGel below.

Once your names in the hat you may well be one of the lucky winners and if you just can’t wait and want to try some of these fantastic colours out in the meantime. Pop over to our ProGel Collection Here.


Examples of ProGel Colours


rainbow_dust_progel_pink rainbow_dust_progel_iceblue


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Sugarflair Colour Chart – Greens – Perfect for foliage

Here’s our Green Sugarflair Colour Chart as promised, we will be releasing the downloadable PDF shortly but in the meantime you can always Pin it on Pinterest! All colours are available on our website and eBay store.

We are the biggest suppliers of Sugarflair and therefore offer over 4 year best before dates on these highly concentrated pots of food colour!

Sugarflair are perfect for Cake Decorating and Sugarcraft – for use in buttercream, icing, fondant, royal icing, mexican paste, flower paste, cake mix (bake stable) and loads more!

Would you like to see more Sugarflair colour charts from us?

All Colours are avialble on our website at fabulous prices! PartyAnimalOnline - the biggest supplier of Sugarflair.
All Colours are avialble on our website at fabulous prices! PartyAnimalOnline – the biggest supplier of Sugarflair.