Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial


Check out this super Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial brought to you by FMM Sugarcraft.

Using the latest cutters from FMM Sugarcraft making a super cute farm yard cake couldn’t be easier. Novelty cakes are always great fun to make!

The new cute animal cutters make it so much easier to put this gorgeous cake design together without all the extra hand cutting hassle!

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

Here’s what they look like once cut. I would definitely recommend using modelling paste here. Modelling paste is firmer and therefore much easier to release from the cutters than sugarpaste. This is even more imprtant in warmer months when sugarpaste can be very sticky making it hard to handle.

Cute Farm Yard Cake Tutorial

A quick tip to make your own modelling paste is to use 1tsp of Tylo Powder to 250g of sugarpaste, mix well then seal for 6 hours whilst it has time to work. Tylo makes your sugarpaste easier to work with and also allows it to dry firmer.

Here’s a video to show you exactly how to create your fun farm yard cake.

Make the Easiest Rose Ever

Make the Easiest Rose Ever!!


It’s simple. Thanks to FMM Sugarcrafts innovative product design team, we have an awesome new cutter to make life that little bit easier. They have put their heads together to come up with this magical and competitively priced piece of equipment. It promises great things and comes with a lifetime guarantee!



The thing we liked most about this design is; it benefits beginners, just as much as it benefits expert sugar artists. It will make your life so much easier. Just think, when you next have a sugar rose cascade to do, on the side of that wedding cake, consisting of 150, painstakingly elaborate sugar flowers! It’s going to be a godsend. Thank goodness for the inventors of this world.

easiest_rose2 - Copy

I have been undercover asking people what their honest opinions are of this cutter and so far it’s a full thumbs up from the cakers.

“I use it, I love it” shouted one cake decorator.

“I did the roses on my cake with one I used a mix of 50/50 petal paste with sugarpaste was a time saver,I did use a ball tool to thin the edges as well”

“Love this cutter!!! It worked great for me and was so easy to use”

So check out the tutorial and see what you think, will you Make the Easiest Rose Ever?

Let us know what you think about FMM’s latest invention in the comments below and if you haven’t tried it yet, we have it available on our website for just £5.49 for a limited time.

Top 10 Tools for Cake Decorating

Top 10 Tools for Cake Decorating

I have aimed this towards beginners but it may be that you know your cake decorating well and you are ready to create your business but feel you are not getting the full professional finish you desire. Well in this Top 10 tools for cake decorating we’ll let you know just why each product helps with those straight edges, sharp finishing and professional looking cakes.

Remember if you are wanting to get involved long term, the quality of the product matters greatly. This is the difference of a professional finish and ease of achieving it. Quality brands will offer lifetime guarantees, keep a great resale value and offer the best results. We recommend always going with trusted brands and you don’t have to pay a fortune to do that!

1. PME Tilting Turntable

Tilting Turntable PME

The tilting top can be adjusted to angle the cake for ease when working on the cake sides by using the easy tilt action. With such a variable range of adjustment, and a non-slip top and bottom, you can always be assured of achieving your exact requirements.

2. PME Modelling Caddy

PME Tool Caddy

It contains a good basic set of 14 tools for all your sugarcraft modelling and sugar flower making needs. Allowing you to get started with creating toppers and designs for your cake!
This set also comes in a handy caddy for easy storage. PME goods also offer a 10 year guarantee!

3. A Non Stick Rolling Pin

PME Non-Stick Rolling Pin Large

Using a non-stick rolling pin enables you to minimise the use of dusting materials e.g. icing Sugar, cornflour and flour helping to create a professional finish. Covering cakes is hard enough when you’re starting out!
Learn how to avoid cracking and tearing on our ‘Sugarpaste Kneading Technique’ Blog.

4. FMM Cake Smoother

FMM Cake Smoother

 Cake smoothers will help smooth out your sugarpaste once applied giving the professional finish to your cake and smoothing out any lumps or bumps!
FMM offer a lifetime guarantee on their products so certainly worth the investment!

5. Piping Tubes

Beginners Set of Piping Tube Nozzles

I’d recommend getting Tubes 1, 2, 3, 7 and 42 to start with. These are the most used tubes for cake decorating.
This beginners set consists of 5 PME stainless steel piping nozzles. There are 3 writing nozzles, a rope nozzle which will also make fine shells and rosettes, and a star nozzle.

6. Marzipan Spacers

These are fantastic for getting an even depth of Sugarpaste or Marzipan, depending on which way you rest the spacers you can roll to a thickness. 10mm – perfect for marzipan or thicker sugarpaste coverings, or 6mm – excellent for most sugarpaste coverings giving your cake an even covering!

7. Alphabet Cutters

FMM Alphabet Cutters

Getting good cutters for inscriptions a must. These finish off your cakes with a beautiful neat ‘Happy Birthday’ or whatever your cake may be celebrating. Our favourites are the FMM Block Alphabet Set, they are our best sellers!
Learn great tips on using the FMM Tappits over on our ‘Using FMM Tappits Blog’

8. Non-Stick Board

CelCakes Non Stick Modelling Boards

Great for cutting out shapes & lettering on and a must have for cake modelling and figures. This board by CelCakes is a must have, use either the veined side for flowers & leaves or plain side for general use. It includes a non-slip mat with it which stops it sliding about!

9. Reusable Savoy Piping Bag

FMM Reusable Piping Bags

This FMM reusable piping bag is made from nylon and has a closed end, so you can cut to the size of your nozzle. Your tube can either be dropped straight into the bag or a piping tube attachment can be used to screw in place. They can be easily washed saving you loads of money!

10. Palette Knife

Ateco Palette Knife

A must for coating your cake, mixing your buttercream, creating royal icing. A very handy tool that you just can’t do without. We would recommend the 6″ straight palette knife as a starter tool but there’s more sizes & shapes available when you want to build on your collection.
There’s loads more bits to keep you going along the way but these pieces of equipment will give you a good head start with your cake business!

Vintage Hat Box Cake Tutorial

Vintage Hat Box Cake Tutorial – using the FMM Ribbon Cutter.


This versatile cutter will create ribbons from 3mm to 50mm wide, with a choice of plain or wavy line edging, plus the option of including stitches.


This cake is extremely simple to make, yet so pretty with its distinct ‘vintage’ feel.

Equipment you will need:


Cover the cake drum with ivory sugarpaste and set aside to dry.

1. Cover the cake with ivory sugarpaste and transfer to the cake drum, securing with royal icing. Set up the multi-ribbon tool with two plain cutting wheels, with one large spacer in between. Hold at the base of the cake and run the tool upwards to leave two lines. Place one of the wheels into one of the previously marked lines and repeat until all the sides of the cake are marked. These will act as guidelines for the stripes.


2. Roll out a long strip of the ivory sugarpaste/flower paste mix to around 2mm thick. Using the multiribbon tool at same setting, with the addition of two stitching wheels (positioned on the inside of the plain wheels), cut a long strip and add the strip to the top of the cake to form the rim of the hat box, securing with edible glue. Use the top edge of the cake as a guide as you attach.


3. Using the multi-ribbon tool with two wavy cutting wheels and two stitching wheels with one large spacer in between, cut another long strip of the dusky pink sugarpaste/ flowerpaste mix. Measure the distance from the base of the cake to the base of the strip at the top of the cake. Cut several strips from the paste at this length. Add the strips to the sides of the cake, using the marked lines as a guide.


4. To make the bow, set up the multi-ribbon wheel with one wavy cutting wheel and one plain cutting wheel at the widest setting (using all spacers). Roll out the pink flowerpaste to around 2mm thick and cut a strip 20cm long. Fold over both ends to meet in the middle, using edible glue to secure. Carefully pleat the centre and turn over. Cut a small rectangle from the paste, pleat and wrap around the centre. Insert cling film through both ends and leave to dry.


5. For the tails of the bow, cut a strip of the pink flowerpaste using the multi-ribbon tool with two wavy cutting wheels, two stitching wheels (positioned on the inside of the wavy wheels), and one large and one small spacer in between. Cut two lengths around 10cm long and cut a ‘V’ at one end of each. Use the end of a paintbrush to add movement. Secure to the top of the cake with a little royal icing and position the bow on top. Finish the cake drum with pink ribbon.


We hope you enjoyed this Vintage Hat Box Cake Tutorial! If you want a bit more information on the initial set-up of your ribbon cutter, here’s a quick video by FMM Sugarcraft on how to use it! You can also download the PDF version of this tutorial from FMM’s educate site. The FMM Ribbon Cutter Tool as well as a huge range of FMM products are available from our online website with PartyAnimalOnline!

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas fmm_poinsettia

It’s National Poinsettia Day tomorrow so I felt what better way to celebrate than to show you some of our Best Sellers for creating your very own edible Poinsettia flowers top pop on top of your Cupcakes and Christmas Cakes.

Before we get started with the Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas, here’s a bit of background on the Poinsettia Flower:

Poinsettia Facts

Poinsettia’s actually originate from Mexico and were considered a symbol of purity by the Aztecs. After a visit to Mexico by Joel Roberts Poinsett, a US Ambassador in the 1820’s, Joel introduced them to America and began to grow them in his Green House… the plants flourished and thrived and as they began to be distributed the flower became commonly known as Poinsettia as a pose to it’s Mexican name Euphorbia pulcherrima. The 12th December is actually National Poinsettia Day as it marks the date Joel Roberts Poinsett died in 1851! There are now over 100 species of Poinsettia.

OK so lets get to the good stuff! Poinsettia’s are great for the Christmas Holiday Season so if you are looking to decorate your Christmas Cupcakes and Cakes with these gorgeous vibrant flowers then here’s some ideas to get you started. I have also included some tutorials that may just come in handy too!

Cupcake Katy Sue Poinsettia Mould:

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Flower
Katy Sue Mould creates Poinsettia Flower for Christmas Cupcake

I love the Katy Sue moulds, they are reasonably priced and great if you don’t want to fuss about with creating individual leaves & flowers etc.. it’s an all in one mould so it will do your cupcake top at the same time as the Poinsettia on the top. Alternatively you don’t have to use it for cupcakes… simply just use the Poinsettia section inside and add detail to cakes and cookies using it.

Be sure to dust your mould well with cornflour before using it and shake off any excess, this will stop your sugarpaste / fondant sticking to the mould. Once you have released the sugarpaste you can hand paint or dust your colours on. There’s so many beautiful ways to make these look fantastic!

Katy Sue Poinsettia Mould is priced around £7

Patchwork Cutters Poinsettia Cutters

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas
Patchwork Cutters Intermediate Sugarcraft Cutters

These are great for Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas but I would say you need some experience with Sugarcraft to use these cutters, they are probably the most difficult out of our three suggestions. You will need to use a flower paste rather than Sugarpaste as you need your flowers to firm up. You will also need to make them a day in advance to give them time to set up. The results from Patchwork Cutters are fantastic and you’ll have the whole family cooing at the skill behind the Christmas Cake by using these. Remember patience is a virtue!

For more tips when using Patchwork Cutters visit our blog <HERE>

The Patchwork Cutters Poinsettia, Holly & Ivy is priced around £5.50

FMM Poinsettia Cutters

Poinsettia Sugarcraft Ideas
Creating Poinsettia Sugarcraft Flowers using FMM Cutters

Now these are the skilled sugarcraft cutters but they are a little deeper allowing you to work at a thickness of flower paste you feel comfortable with. Luckily for us FMM have made a fantastic easy to follow Tutorial to go with this lovely set, so if you fancy taking your cake decorating skills to the next level then this is PartyAnimalOnline’s recommendation this Christmas.

FMM Poinsettia Cutters are priced around £7 – We currently have it available for £6.30

What You Will Need:

Here’s the full Tutorial Video:

Here at PartyAnimalOnline we stock a huge range of Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft equipment to make sure every project is achievable at an affordable price. Pop by the website for more inspiration and equipment.




Halloween Cake Tutorial

Halloween Cake Tutorial by Let’s Eat Cake

I love this idea!

Charlotte has put together a fun and easy to follow Halloween Cake Tutorial which includes a step by step and a list of items you will need to create this spooky cake.

Halloween Cake Tutorial

What you will need:



Cover the cake drum with black sugarpaste and leave overnight to dry. Cover the cake with purple sugarpaste and secure to the cake drum with royal icing.

trickcake4Step 1:

Roll out grey sugarpaste to 3-4mm thick. Using the stone wall impression mat press into the paste to leave the impression. To prevent sticking, lightly dust the impression mat with cornflour first.


Step 2:

Use a knife to cut the grey paste into sections that are easier to handle. Following the lines of the stones, trim a random pattern as shown. Turn each piece over and brush the back lightly with edible glue or water.


Step 3:

Place the stone wall effect  paste around the base of the cake, leaving a space at the front for the pathway. To make the pathway, use the cobble stone impression mat and cut to shape. Secure to the cake drum with edible glue.


Step 4:

Roll out white, orange and black flower paste thinly. Using the special occasion tappits cut out several ghosts, pumpkins and bats. Use the alphabet tappits to cut out the ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ letters. Set aside to dry.


Step 5:

Roll out yellow flower paste thinly and cut several stars using the three star cutters. Set aside to dry.


Step 6:

To make the the tombstones, roll out grey sugarpaste to around 4-5mm thick and using the arch cutters cut two large and one small. Add the letters as shown with edible glue. These will need to dry for at least two days.

Halloween Cake Tutorial

Step 7:

Position the tombstones on the cake and insert a wooden cocktail stick into the cake behind each to allow them to stand up. Pipe a small amount of purple royal icing onto the bottom of each tombstone and secure in place. Add the stars, bats, pumpkins and ghosts using small amount of the royal icing. Make a smooth paint using black food paste and a little clear alcohol and paint on the gate with a fine paintbrush. Finish the cake drum with black ribbon.

More fabulous Tutorials by Charlotte can be found on her Facebook page at ‘Let’s Eat Cake’. An extra special thanks to Charlotte, PartyAnimalOnline’s guest blogger for writing up this wonderful spooky tutorial!

For loads of gorgeous FMM High Quality Cake Decorating products visit PartyAnimalOnline’s Online Shop!

Happy Baking!


If you liked this then check out how to make your very own Monster Cake Pops to go with your cake > HERE

DSC_0196 copy


Halloween Monster Cake Pops

DSC_0210 copy

Trick or Treat! It’s nearly that time of year again… Halloween! So if you’re expecting lots of trick or treaters knocking on your door why not give them something a little different than the usual chocolate biscuit (That’s all I ever seemed to get!) and treat them to these little monsters. These cake pops are ‘dead’ easy to make and look fantastic!

So what will you need to get started? First of all lots of cake balls, if you’re unsure how to make them click here to read my tutorial.


You will also need:

PME Candy Buttons I’m using Orange and Bright Green but any colours would look just as good (There is 14 in the range!).

Cake Pop Sticks

Cake Pop Bags & Ties (You can buy both Bags & Sticks together and save money!)

FMM Reusable Piping Bag

Something for the eyes, I’m using Wilton Candy Eyes but you could easily make your own using white buttons with black icing.


I don’t know about you but I already hear the kids putting on their devil horns and witches hats so we better get started..!

Like with all cake pops, it all starts with a dipping! Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or on the hob. Burnt chocolate doesn’t taste very nice so remember to stir in between melting. The PME melts are fantastic and melt very easily. I found I only had to add just one teaspoon of vegetable oil to thin it out a little (I’ve always had to use more with other brands!).

DSC_0177 DSC_0178

Once melted grab a cake pop stick, dip the end in the chocolate and then into the cake pop. Leave this is set so the cake ball doesn’t fall off!


Once set we can now dip the cake pops! Remember to have a deep enough bowl so the cake pop can be dipped straight in and back out again. Hold the cake pop over the bowl and tap your wrist while turning the stick with your hand to shake off any excess chocolate.


Once all the excess chocolate has fallen off add your eyes (or eye) and leave to set.

Mike Wazowski?!
Mike Wazowski?!

Your little monsters will now look a little bald..!

Where's our hair..?!
Where’s our hair..?!

Now this part is fun..! Let’s add the hair, melt some more chocolate and add to a piping bag then pipe on the chocolate while turning the cake pop. I found it was easier to start around the eye and then go from there. Don’t worry about being neat just go nuts..!

DSC_0194 DSC_0208

And there you have it, Monster Cake Pops! Don’t forget to finish them off with the cake pop bags and ties to keep them safe (and stop them from escaping of course..!). Why not give them a try using different colours and maybe even more eyes..!

Hope you all have a great and spooky Halloween! If you give these little monsters a go share them, along with your other Halloween creations, with us on our Facebook page.

DSC_0210v2 copy

DSC_0196 copy